Tuesday, February 9, 2016

December Randoms

Here's a look at all of our random things from December that didn't make it into a post by themselves:

I'll admit, I'm jealous every morning when LL and I have to leave the house so early and these boys get to stay behind and snuggle.

Park day!

LL loved the upside down Christmas tree at her dentist appointment this month!

I got this Christmas blanket at Target before Christmas, and it was a game changer.  It was so soft and perfect.  I threatened anyone to tried to take it from me!

Cooper and Daddy had a Chick-Fil-A lunch date!

Cooper rocked out his bomber jacket!

LL had so much fun going to see The Nutcracker with Grammy!

He made everyone laugh - including himself!

LL found a lizard at Gigi's!

Cooper has been going to the chiropractor once a month for almost two years now - and he loves it!

Waiting for Dr. Ken to come and pop his back!

Dr. Ken gave him a candy cane for being such a good patient!

Sporting some Christmas clothes!

The definition of relaxed.

We did a secret Santa at school and everyone got silly socks!


Sparkle came up with some creative hiding places!

PJ's for Polar Express day at school!

And then she came home with the flu...

Silly faces!

We took down the guard rail from Cooper's bed this month - he's officially a big boy!

Our 2015 Christmas card!

We put him down for bed, and came back a few minutes later and he was naked.

So we got him dressed again, and came back a few minutes later to find him asleep with LL's rain boots on.  He is such a silly boy!

Our last date night of 2015!

Pop had surgery after Christmas, and we snuck Cooper in one day to see him and make him feel better.

That's a wrap for December AND 2015!


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