Monday, February 8, 2016

Daily Robyn: December

I did it!  I successfully completed an entire year of #dailyRobyn posts!  Here is my last month of posts!!

Day 335: LL rocked out her dentist appointment!

Day 336: The Beast hit 100,000 miles!

Day 337: I love it when Matt sends me pictures of Cooper in the morning!

Day 338:My favorite part of the day was holding a rabbit on our school field trip!

Day 339: We had a super fun-filled day with two birthday parties and a trip to see the Nutcracker!

Day 340: For the first time, we have lights on our house!

Day 341: Dressed in red and ready to meet Santa at school!

Day 342: It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Day 343: I love these two.  And Christmas.  So these two at Christmas?  It's the best thing ever.

Day 344: Counting down the days to Christmas break!

Day 345: We are so proud of this girl and how well she's doing at school!

Day 346: These two spent some time in LL's bed tonight just laughing and talking.  Be still my heart.

Day 347: LL and Daddy are having a date night to go see the Christmas program at PAUMC!

Day 348:Cooper was the most adorable drummer boy ever at his Christmas program!

Day 349: Boo.  GO away, flu.

Day 350: Cooper had a great time at his Christmas party!

Day 351: Together!

Day 352: We surprised Ben by showing up for lunch at his school!

Day 353: Such a fun weekend in Atlanta!

Day 354: It's starting to feel more like Christmas now that there are presents under our tree!

Day 355: It's our annual cookie-baking day at Grammy's!

Day 356: It's time for Jammie Cocoa Christmas!

Day 357: Sparkle surprised us with Gingerbread houses!

Day 358: Christmas Eve!

Day 359: Merry Christmas!

Day 360: My best girl.

Day 361/362: The stomach knocked me down for two days!

Day 363: Cooper was so excited when "Mr. Cwis" stopped by and he got to escape outside for a few minutes.

Day 364: A play-date with friends!

Day 365: The best way we could think of to end the year - spending hours at the park with our favorite people!

Yay!  DailyRobyn is now complete!!  You can look back through all of the posts from the year here:


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