Tuesday, February 16, 2016

January Randoms

Here are all of the random things from January that didn't fit into a post by themselves:

To kick off the new year, Cooper decided to make one of the biggest messes ever.  We went in to get him up from nap time, and we found this.  He had taken his Anti-Monkey Butt Powder (think a thicker, pink baby-powder), and put it alllll over his bed.  But he was quiet, so we didn't think anything was wrong!  Nap time should be quiet, right?  It was hard to be mad when he was so proud of himself!

Naked, driving his "car"

He stayed with Gigi one day and had fun climbing her fig tree!

Bless him.  These are so cute.

It reminded me of a similar picture mom took when he was younger.

LL and I were twins with our leggings and pikos one day at school.

I love these girls!

I get "drop-off" pictures a lot of mornings while Daddy and Cooper are killing time in the drop-off line at school.

Our shirt decals came in for Disney World!

The couch - 1, Cooper - 0

My handsome boy!

Everybody has had fun playing with Cooper's new pirate hat from Disney World!

"Argh" - pirate faces!

I always go to tuck Cooper in before I go to bed (we do both kids, actually) and I found him asleep like this.

LL is usually curled up in a ball on her tummy/side every night, so it was funny to find her so spread out on her back!

Ready for church!

We woke up one Saturday morning to water all over the kitchen floor and a leaking pipe.  Daddy got it fixed all on his own without having to buy a new faucet (thank goodness!), but he had a super good helper who did most of the work!  ;)

We spent MLK day playing playing playing!  These two did a great job working together to build this tower!

They also had some separate playing time.  Cooper with blocks and trucks...

...and LL with dolls and horses!

It's been so cold that we've been letting Cooper ride his scooter in the house.  Matt sent this picture one morning before they headed to Grammy and Pop's for the day.  (PS - I absolutely adore Cooper in a beanie)

Spider man!

Some of Mrs. Becky's family was in town and got to spend the day with Cooper.

When you don't nap at Grammy's, you fall asleep in the car on the way home.

He stayed asleep when Matt got  him out of the truck, so I got snuggles for a little while!

Cooper crawled up here one night before bed to rub my hair.  :)

We sent a Valentine package to Nunu!

The best part of my afternoon is when this cutie makes it down to my room!

I do get jealous when I get these texts and I'm already at work and they're still snuggling.

LL had an animal presentation at her school one day and was able to get her picture taken with a joey!

DQ for Friday night dinner!  LL's first Dilly Bar.

Matt and I snuck in a date night this month!

LL dressed up as a granny for her 100th day of school!

LL's best friend is Madelyn.  Madelyn's mom also teaches at my school.  She sent this picture to me one day - the girls had been trying to draw bananas - haha.

LL and Madelyn on their 100th day of school!

LL's sweet teacher sent me these pictures of her and Madelyn leaving school on their 100th day.  I love seeing them walk and talk on the way to the bus.

This month really kicked off the "poop train Cooper" party - and one of his potty prizes was a kite!  He was so excited when he finally got it and was able to take it outside to fly it!

You know it's time to give away some eggs when your egg basket looks like this!

Party prep for LL's 7th birthday party officially kicked off!

Matt and the kids went out to play one afternoon while I cooked dinner, and he took this picture.  They just sat on the edge of the trampoline and talked for a while.

That's a wrap for January!


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