Wednesday, February 17, 2016

LL's 7th Birthday

Lorelai's 7th birthday fell on a Friday this year, but we still tried to pack in as much fun as we could even though we had school.

Early morning waiting for the school bus with my 7 year old!!

Headed off to school as a 7 year old!

Matt and I both went up to her school to eat lunch with her on her birthday.  I asked if she wanted a friend to eat with us, too, and she picked Madeline.  I talked with Madeline's mom and she said it was fine if we brought Maddie lunch, too.  Her friend, Hannah, ended up eating lunch with us, too, and LL was just so happy!

After lunch, we went back to her classroom with her to give out cupcakes and sing Happy Birthday!  LL also got her birthday spankings from Mrs, Cindy while we were there.  She had an option of a hug or spankings and she chose spankings.  ;)  I took a video (you can see it HERE), but it cut off at the beginning because I ran out of storage on my phone - boo!  But the first part is still cute.

LL and her amazing, teacher, Mrs. Cindy.

After school, she picked to have dinner at Red Lobster with our whole family.  Mamaw Lucy, Uncle David, and Aunt Denise were in town from Louisiana, so we had a big crowd at dinner!  We also had our core 4, Grammy, Pop, Oma, Opa, Gigi, Poppy, Mrs. Kayla, Uncle Bryan, Aunt Missy, and Meemee!  Dinner for that many people took a long time, so after dinner we just went straight home so she could play with some toys for a little bit and then they both went to bed.

Here's a look back at how much my sweet girl has changed over the years!

Because of the Father/Daughter Dance, her "friend party" was scheduled for the next weekend.  Even still, she said that she had a great birthday and that eating with all of our family was her favorite part!  You can look back at her past birthday's here:
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