Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Family Picnic of the Year!

Last year, we started a brand new family tradition of having a family picnic at the park on the first warm Saturday of the year.  While that wasn't a problem last year, this year we ran into a little snag!  Since the weather has warmed up, either it's been raining if we had a free Saturday (so we couldn't go), or the weather was nice but we already had plans (so we couldn't go).  Finally, we MADE time to go one Sunday afternoon after church.  We go to early church, so we get done around 10:45.  We asked Meghan, Kevin, and Luke if they wanted to come, too, and they did!

When we got there, it was still pretty early so we just let the kids have at it and play!  We lucked out and there was hardly anyone there, so they really had the run of the place!  (And, yes, I did change LL's clothes in the car to more appropriate play clothes.  This is not what she wore to church).

After a little bit, Matt and Kevin left to go get some Arby's for lunch for our "picnic".  

Poor Luke - the sun was totally in his eyes.

Both kids had a great time and I love that Meghan and Kevin came with us!  I'm hoping that we'll have lots more picnics this year before Baby C comes!

Don't ask me about her face.  This is what she now does in pictures instead of hiding.  At least she's looking, right?  


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