Wednesday, April 11, 2012

28 Weeks Pregnant!

Hello 3rd trimester and month number 7! This pregnancy is FLYING by – I can’t believe I’m already this far along!  It also makes me feel a ton better knowing that he is officially viable now, too.  He's had a good chance of survival for the past few weeks, but this is the week that things really pick up in that area.

Baby Growth: Baby C is weighing in at a whopping 2 ½ lbs this week and is about 15 inches long. Most of his energy right now is just focused on growing bigger! Since his eyes opened last week, sometime this week he should start practicing his blinking. His bone structure is also now strong enough to support his tiny little body. Did you know that a baby’s bones don’t completely harden until they are about 4 years old? I didn’t! Baby C’s joints have not fused together yet – this will help keep him nice and flexible for delivery. He’s also developing his first stool this week, but it should stay in his digestive tract until after he’s born.

My Symptoms: Luckily, I’m completely back on Georgia time now so I’m feeling much better! For a few days there, I REALLY felt like a zombie and had no clue what time it was or even what day it was! My pelvic bone is still hurting a ton, and I’m for sure going to ask about it today at my appointment. I think that everything is fine, but it sure is annoying! I’m hoping that Teresa can give me some tips on exercises I can do to make it feel a little better.

My heartburn has still pretty much been the same. I used to eating Tums like candy now – haha. One thing is for sure, though – my appetite is really back! I guess being out of town just through me crazy off because I wasn’t hungry a ton while we were gone. Now that I’m back, I’m always ready to eat again!

With LL, my nose was stopped up ALL THE TIME during my pregnancy. I HATED it. So far, I haven’t really dealt with that at all this pregnancy. I’ve started to get very stuffy at night time (and for a few hours in the morning), but I’m hoping that it’s just a sleeping thing and that it won’t start sticking around all day like it did last time.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve been waking up at night drenched in sweat. Usually around midnight. We don’t have heavy blankets on our bed, and I’ve turned the fan up pretty high (poor Matt gets so cold), but I still wake up CRAZY hot and sweaty. It’s pretty gross and SO hard to sleep when you feel that way. Any tips?

Weight: I was super shocked when I weighed myself! I didn’t weigh myself at all while I was gone, so it’s been 2 weeks….and I’ve only gained 2 pounds! This brings my grand total to 12 lbs! Not bad at all! A “typical” woman will gain around 11 lbs in this last trimester, so if I do that, I’ll be at 23lbs total. That would be fantastic!

Belly Picture:

Gender: Boy!

Maternity Clothes: I’m definitely starting to wear a ton more of these bad boys. And what is not maternity is pretty comfy “normal clothes” (ie: yoga pants). My choices are getting more and more limited, that’s for sure! It’s a good thing I can live in tank tops this summer!

Movement: I know I say this every week, but this child move a TON! Really, it totally is my favorite part of pregnancy and I love every kick and roll that I feel. Other than when he decides to whomp on an organ, it really isn’t painful at all. I can tell that it is getting a LOT stronger, though. My belly has started noticibly moving a TON on the outside. We’re also at the stage where he’ll stick body parts out super far and let me touch them without pulling them back in really quickly. Usually I have NO idea what I’m feeling, but it’s fun to guess. :)

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping pretty great since I’ve been home, except for waking up so dang hot! It’s super annoying!

What I Miss: Really, the only thing that I can think of is that I miss having more choices of what to wear. I’m getting VERY limited in what fits, and that can be mega frustrating. I feel like I wear the same things over and over again!

What I’m Looking Forward To: We have so much fun stuff going on! Today I have my appointment (and my glucose test), tomorrow I have my 3D/4D ultrasound (that I’m REALLY excited about!!!), and we have a wedding this weekend. I also need to get busy working on this little guy’s bedroom now that my trip is over with and I can just focus on getting stuff ready.

Cravings: None really this week. ?? Just HUNGRY!

Best Moment of the Week: I got a surprise day off to spend with LL! For some weird reason, we had this past Monday off, also. I had NO CLUE until a fellow teacher mentioned it at church on Sunday. So it was a big surprise for me, and I LOVED spending the day with LL!

Questions or Concerns: I need to ask a few things at this appointment: 1- about all of the pains I’ve been having 2- I’ve been getting these little red dots on my skin. They look like freckles (they’re not raised). They’re super tiny, but they’re red. I wonder if they’re pregnancy related? And if they’ll go away? 3 – I need to ask about classes at the hospital again. Do I need to take the epidural class again?

Goals for the Week: Enjoy all of our fun stuff and work on the nursery some!


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Ashley T said...

You have to take the epidural class every time. Just go to There will be a link for the calendar. That was the only class I attended because I was student teaching and was too tired to go to the other ones. I really wish I'd gone to the first aid cpr class though.