Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Snake....Gross....

After we had our picnic the other day, we had to run by my mom's house.  We were dropping LL off to nap there so that Matt and I could have an afternoon date and go see The Hunger Games while LL was sleeping.  When we got went to leave that afternoon, there was a little garter snake by her steps.  Matt, being a typical man, decided to catch it and let LL see it up close.  Don't worry - we had a long talk then (and even afterwards) with LL about how Daddy is the only person who can catch snakes, we can only touch them if Daddy is there, etc.  While I thought it was crazy gross, LL was super excited to see the snake up close and touch it a little bit.

And, just to sneak it in somewhere, here's a cute pic of me and my wonderful hubby on our quick, afternoon date.  :)


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