Saturday, April 7, 2012

LL Cute Things - Feb/March

I'm going to start doing a blog post at the end of every month that keeps up with a lot of the cute things that LL says and does.  This is REALLY going to be one of those "just for Mommy" type of posts.  She is at an age where she is just SO funny.  I want a place to write down all of the cute little things that happen in our house that aren't really worthy of an entire post.  Also, I'll be able to include some random pictures that don't really fit into any other post.  Mostly, I just want to be able to freeze here at this age and keep her like this forever.  :)

One night at bed time, she said, "Mommy, you clap your hands, stop your feet, move your hand like this (like how you ask a semi or train to honk) and say AMEN!"  I asked her if she learned that at church and she said yes.  Finally, I figured out that she was talking about "If you're happy and you know it".  I sang the song to her (I haven't in FOREVER!) and she loved it.  :)

When the three of us were playing in her room one night, she tooted.    Matt said, "Did you toot?" and she say, "No, my hiney just burped."

Every night at bath time LL will get all of her clothes down, lay down on the couch on her back with her feet up in the air and yell, "Ready Fready!"  That's Matt's cue to come and grab her by her ankles and carry her to the bath.  She LOVES it! 

LL has been really into watching The Lion King lately.  Do you know the part at the beginning of the movie where they are presenting Simba and all of the animals bow?  LL says they are "chowing down" - haha.  I've tried to explain to her that it is BOWing down, but she thinks I'm crazy.  What does she things bowing down is?  When you eat your food really fast.  :)  Crazy kid.

She stayed with my mom and step- dad one Friday night while Matt and I went to get Baby C's furniture from Atlanta. Poppy ( my step-dad) wasn't feeling well and was talking to my mom about it. Lorelai must have been listening to their conversation because my mom said that she walked over to him and said, "Jesus will make you better." and then went back to playing. She really has the sweetest and most caring little heart!

She has also started telling people, "MY baby is in mommy's tummy.". :)

Whenever LL gets in trouble and I start to talk to her about it, she will almost immediately interrupt and say, "but I'm just so sorry!". She's definitely learning how to play us, but it is cute, too. No worries - I still make her listen to "the talk" - haha.

She's started to tell us that things were just an accident - but instead she says "ax-a-nent". I love it!

Ben was in town for a few days this month.  All of us headed over there on Sunday night to eat dinner and hang out with him before he left to go back home.  A little bit after we got there, I told LL she needed to go potty before we could go out and play.  She said she wanted to take Ben with her (he’s not potty trained) and we told her okay.  From where we were sitting in the living room we could hear them talking in the bathroom.  After she went potty, LL proceeded to tell Ben what he needed to do so that HE could go potty, too.  They managed to get his shoes (??) and pants down, but were stopped by the diaper.  It was SO FUNNY!!

She’s in the phase where, when you ask her for a kiss (no matter who you are), she’ll tell you, “No, their _____’s kisses!!”.  She’ll name anyone other than you when you ask.  Usually, for me, she’ll tell me that they’re Daddy’s kisses.  For Daddy and most grandparents, she’ll tell them that they’re Mommy’s kisses.  She LOVES for you to act offended about it and tickle her and tell her that they’re YOU’RE kisses.  To get a kiss anyway, you can ask her, “Can I have just one?” and she’ll say, “You can have JUST ONE, but the rest belong to  _______.”  It is so cute and I LOVE it!

We have a new nightly routine now that I’m pregnant.  Before I was pregnant, we alternated nights of who would bathe her and who would read bed time stories.  Now that it’s getting really uncomfortable for me to bend over, Matt does her bath every night.  This means that I do story time every night.  After we get done reading our stories, I tell her to call Daddy.  Then, she’ll yell pretty loudly, “Daddy!  It’s time to pray!”.  When she hears him coming, she’ll say, “Oohh!  Oohh!  Let’s hide!” and throw a blanket over us.  Every night.  Then she gets so excited when he finds us, even though we NEVER get out of her bed – haha.


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Emily said...

I feel like these are the most important blog entries, I hate writing the monthly long and boring but you know they are the ones our kids will appreciate the most!