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California Trip: Day 2

If you haven't read my post about day one - check it out!

I'll be honest.  One of the things that I was looking forward to the most on our trip was the opportunity to sleep in for so many days in a row!  My sister is also one who LOVES to sleep, so I knew she would be thinking the same thing.  We both have very young kids, we both work full time jobs, and I'm pregnant.  What about that doesn't scream "we want to sleep!"?  Well, the joke was on me.  I woke up at about 5:00 am on Sunday.  We didn't make sure that the curtains were closed tight, so the light from the street was shining directly on me.  That plus the fact that my body thought it was 8:00 am added up to mean the I was wide awake.  Not cool.

We really took our time getting up, taking our showers, getting ready, etc.  It was SO nice to not have to rush to do anything.  Before we left for our trip, Gino told us that he found online where La Jolla was having an open air market on the Sunday that we were there.  My sister and I both LOVE these types of things, so that was on our agenda for the morning.  It was not very far away at all, and we headed in after finding a parking spot about a block away.  The one thing that I instantly fell in love with were all of the flower vendors.  They just had buckets and buckets of crazy beautiful flowers.  We both said many times how we wished there was some way to put some in our hotel room because they were so pretty!

Just some regular, ol' car dealerships in La Jolla.  Nothing Special.

Across the street...

The flower vendors were SO PRETTY!

Neither of us had had breakfast, so we set out to find somewhere to eat.  We found a guy who was making crepes, and I totally talked Laura into getting one.  She wasn't too on board at first, but when she saw him making one for someone else, she quickly changed her mind.  :)  We decided to split one because they were huge! 

We had the #12 - minus the rum of course.

The guy was making french crepes, but I think he was Italian?  He had a heavy accent, that's for sure!


After eating our crepe, we just walked around the market for a while longer.  We didn't really buy anything (well, LL bought something for Baby C, but I guess I'm supposed to "forget about it" as our mom used to say), but we had a really fun time walking around.  We did get some cookies from this booth called The Cravory.  It's like the college-ish age guy/girl who have completely just started their own cookie company.  Their cookies are the weirdest combinations of flavors, but all of the ones that I tried were REALLY good!  We got a good size bag of them to try.  There was a Shamrock Shake cookie, a pancakes and bacon cookie, some chocolate chip ones, and a bunch I can't remember - haha.  It was such a neat concept (they had savory cookies too - Laura tried one that tasted like a crouton), and their business seems to be doing really well!  They literally just kind of make it up as they go and come up with TONS of really unique combinations of flavors for cookies.

The open air market was held behind a school.  Check out the beautiful homes that lined the school's playground!

After we left the open air market, we made a stop at a local supermarket.  We wanted to get some snack type stuff to keep at the hotel, some soda for Laura, water for me, and to let me use the bathroom.  While we were there, Laura noticed that they had a soup bar.  We filled up some to-go bowls with soup and figured we could eat those for lunch.  Then, we headed up to Torrey Pines Gliderport.  A few years ago, when Laura was here before, she actually went paragliding at this place.  They have a whole observation deck, so we took our soup up there to eat lunch and watch the paragliders/hang gliders in action.  This was the neatest thing to do for lunch!  It was SUPER COLD up there.  We were at the tip top of the cliffs, the wind was blowing pretty good, and I was freezing.  I don't know if Laura was as cold as I was, but I was legit cold!  It seriously must have been in the high 40's, low 50's up there with TONS of wind blowing.  The soup was a great idea as it went so well with sitting in the windy cold.  There were actually a lot of people up there and we really enjoyed watching the people take off (by literally just walking off the cliff - haha) and fly around.

When we were headed up to Torrey Pines, we saw access to a beach, so we stopped to check it out.  It was my first time really seeing a beach/the Pacific Ocean!

The cliffs were just unbelievable!

Palm Trees!!  I was expecting them to be the same as the ones I see in Florida, but they were WAY bigger.

Staying in the "safe zone" - haha.

Laura wanted to walk around a bit to get a better view, but I declined to go along.  This was when my pelvic bone really started to hurt (remember I've been talking about it in my weekly pregnancy posts?), and she was walking in some pretty steep/sloped ground.  Not smart for a pregnant girl!  So I stayed put at the top and let her go explore.  I'm pretty sure her little adventure included climbing over some rope and passing signs that say, "You're going to die".  But I'm just guessing at that.

After this we went back to the hotel to rest for a bit.  I was really starting to hurt and was in need of a nap.  That's one of the best perks about vacation, right?  When I woke up, we decided to just stick by our hotel.  It was on Prospect Street, which also has TONS of shops.  We just went walking down a good ways and decided to just find dinner while we were out.  There was some kind of car show going on on the same street (and was luckily ending around dinner time), but this meant that there were some CRAZY NICE cars around.  Like, the kinds of cars that I've heard of, but never seen in person.  It was pretty cool.  We ended up deciding on a place called The Spot for dinner.  Laura got a steak (I think??) and I ended up getting ribs.  Other than my ribs being a little hard on the ends, they were super good and I really enjoyed them.


Since we spent so much time walking down Prospect Street, I was really starting to hurt again.  I headed back up to the hotel to talk to Matt and LL, take a rest, and watch a movie while Laura went to spend some time at the beach.

Our elevator had a glass ceiling, and I thought it was neat how you could see how far my belly stuck out.  :)

Our hotel

These next few pictures Laura took while hanging out at the beach that evening.

She called about 8:00 and I met her downstairs and we walked to a ColdStone Creamery that was less than a block away.  Even though it was pretty cold outside after the sun went down, the ice cream was still awesome.  When is ice cream NOT a good option?  :)

After this we headed back to the hotel to watch a movie and get settled for the night.  It was an awesome day and, honestly, one of my favorites of the entire trip.  :)  Up next: spending the day at Coronado Island!


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