Sunday, April 8, 2012

27 Weeks Pregnant!

Sorry I didn't get this up last week!  I was hoping that I would be able to blog from California, but all we took was an iPad (no laptop) and iPad's aren't really conducive to blogging.  Plus, I was much too busy having a blast.  :)  So here's the post I missed!

Baby Growth: This week, Baby C is probably starting to open his eyes!  Until now, his eyelids have been fused shut, but this week they start to open back up again.  He is about 14.5 inches long and weighs about 2 lbs.  His hearing is now complete and the retina of his eyes have formed.  His eyes are also now pigmented.  Baby C's main goal in the womb now is gaining weight and developing his lungs.  

My Symptoms: If there is one thing that I learned about myself this week, it is that I get worn out SUPER easy.  I can NOT tolerate a lot of walking, I have to rest a ton, and I am totally not able to just get up and go like I can when I'm not pregnant.  While on vacation, I had to rest a TON.  My poor sister - haha.  She was ready to GO and I was like an old lady.

I've also found out that when I a lot of walking, my pelvic bone (in the front) hurts a TON.  And it'll hurt for a while.  This is NOT a fun feeling at all.  I googled it and it said that my pelvic bone is probably starting to separate and there's a place right in the front where it does that.  I'll be asking about it at my appointment this week just to make sure, though.

Luckily, I dealt with with hardly any nausea while we were gone.  A couple little minutes of it, but nothing serious.  I've still been dealing with some pretty bad heartburn, though.  I had it super terrible with LL, though, so I'm not really surprised.  Tums and I are becoming super fast bff's.  

I have not been super hungry this week.  Probably because we were on the go all of the time, but I was pretty content with just eating at regular meal times while we were gone.

Weight:  I have no idea.  There were no scales on the trip, so I'll just have to weigh in this week to catch up.

Belly Picture: I was super proud of myself for remembering to bring my weekly sticker with me when I packed my clothes!  My sis did an awesome job taking this for me before we headed out to explore Hollywood.  :)

Gender: Boy!

Movement: Still ALL THE TIME!  It's not painful yet (hopefully it won't get that way!), but it's getting SUPER strong from the outside! I LOVE it!

Sleep:  Ugh.  I'm kind of irritated about this.  One of the things that I was really pumped for on vacation was just being able to SLEEP IN!  Ha.  That's a joke!  I don't know if it was the time change, the weird bed, a combination, but I did NOT sleep well while we were gone.  And most irritating, I was AWAKE by 7 every day.  What?!  

What I Miss: Nothing!  I'm doing awesome right now!

What I'm Looking Forward To: A ton!!  Matt's birthday is Monday, Wednesday I have a doctor's appointment (and my glucose test), Thursday we have our 3D/4D ultrasound, and Saturday we have a super fun wedding to go to.  Such a great week ahead!!  Plus, I only have 5 MORE WEEKS OF SCHOOL!

Cravings: Cheeseburgers and milkshakes/floats!  Yum!

Best Moment of the Week: My whole entire trip!  I had a BLAST and can't wait to blog about it!

Questions or Concerns: I'm going to ask at my appointment about this pain that I'm having in my pelvic bone.  Other than that, I think I'm pretty good.

Goals for the Week: Work on the nursery some more.  I bought all of the fabric right before I left on my trip and I'm SUPER excited about it!!  Start ordering some more things to go in there.  Finish my registry.  Enjoy being home!


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Brittany said...

I love the nursery fabric. I actually just saw the same guitar fabric covering a boppy on pinterest! Adorable : )