Thursday, April 26, 2012

30 Week OB Visit

Yesterday afternoon I had my 30 week visit with Marie.  I was so happy to be seeing her again since she was out of town two weeks ago!  For some reason, we ended up waiting for FOREVER, so I didn't get back to a room until over an hour after my appointment time!  So not cool!

My blood pressure and stuff was all good, but I was NOT happy that their scale showed that I had gained 18lbs instead of the 16lbs that my scale at home says.  I'm totally going to ignore that and go with my scale at home!

Marie came in and asked how I was feeling.  I told her good, but huge.  Then she looked at me and her eyes got big and she said, "Um - wow!"  Haha - totally not good for my ego.  I told her people were starting to comment ALL.  THE.  TIME. on how big I am, and she suggested I just hit them (including her) - haha.  I don't think I'll take that approach.

She listened to his heartbeat (I don't know how fast it was??) and said that it sounded wonderful.  She said that he was a mover, for sure, and I told her that he did move ALL the time.

She said my next ultrasound would be in two weeks (I knew it was coming up - they have a standard ultrasound for all patients at 32 weeks).  At this ultrasound, they'll check to see how big he is, check my amniotic fluid, and also check to see if those cysts are still there (amongst other things, I'm sure).  She also made sure to let us know that if the cysts ARE still there, it is totally NOT a big deal.  They just might not have gone away yet.  Because we've gone to Macon and Dr. Boddy has confirmed that he's healthy, the cysts still being there doesn't mean a thing.  Whew.  Basically, here's the plan.  In 2 weeks we'll get to see how big he is.  If he's in the normal range, I'll just continue throughout this pregnancy like normal.  If he's on the big end of things, she'll schedule a few more ultrasounds so that we can keep track of how big he's getting, so that we can hopefully get him out before he gets TOO big.  She said we for sure would not be going into this blindly and she wouldn't let me go in to deliver a 10lb baby.  9 lbs, maybe.  But hopefully not 10.  She did say that there's still a really good chance that (even though my stomach looks huge) that he could be a normal sized baby.  She did comment that my weight gain for 30 weeks was pretty awesome.

She also confirmed that I passed my glucose test - yay!  I figured that I had since I hadn't heard anything, but it's good to know "officially".  I asked her about the pertussis shot and she said that I would be offered one in the hospital after I give birth and that it's totally fine to wait until then.  It is a good idea for Matt and the grandparents to get it too (especially Grammy and Pop since they will be keeping him when I go back to work).  

It was a pretty good appointment and I'm super excited to get to see my little man the next time that we go in!


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