Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

Just like last year, Crosspointe hosted another Easter Egg hunt at McKey Park.  We had fun last year and knew that LL would love it even more this year.  Last year Oma and Opa went with us, but this year we just wanted to go as a family of three since I had just gotten back from my trip.  We didn't end up inviting any grandparents to go with us, but we had SUCH a good time celebrating as just our little family.  

Like Matt's hat?  I bought it on the Santa Monica Pier the morning we left for home.  I really like it!  :)

The whole entire time, all LL wanted to do was climb the rock wall.  Remember when she learned to do it on her birthday?  She LOVES it and has gotten really good at doing it on her own.  Finally we pulled her away from it for a little bit and got some lemonade and some cotton candy.  Surprisingly, she wanted nothing at all to do with the cotton candy!  She wouldn't even try it!  

Next up was the egg hunt for her age group.  Just like last year, it wasn't really a "hunt".  There were just tons of eggs everywhere on the ground for her age group to pick up.  She didn't mind at all, and I guess most of it is due to the fact that she doesn't know any different - haha.  

She LOVES to have her picture taken, still.  Obvs.

She figured out what to do pretty quickly!

After the egg hunt we decided to call it a morning.  We stopped by the sign to take pictures just like last year.  It was SUPER windy (which I'm sure you can tell).  I'm a little bummed that we couldn't get a picture of the three of us all together, but our individuals still turned out pretty decent.  :)

Up next: Resurrection Rolls!


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