Monday, May 7, 2012

Dying Easter Eggs

I got back from my trip to California on Friday and Easter was on Sunday, so we had to fit all of our fun Easter activities in super quickly!  We decided to go ahead and dye Easter eggs on Friday night because we had a pretty busy Saturday planned already. 

Setting up....

This was the best picture of her I could get - haha.  She really was the BEST little helper, though!

Helping Daddy

The finished product!

Saturday (after we knew they were dry) we got them back out to let LL see them and "decorate" them.  We had stickers for them and glitter stuff, but she refused to put anything on them.  So they just stayed like they were originally.  :)

 This isn't my favorite Easter tradition, but she LOVES it so I know that it'll be something that we continue to do in the future.  She absolutely loved carrying the eggs around and was so good with them.  I liked how this year she was old enough to really get into it and understand and fully participate in what we were doing.  It makes it so much fun for all of us!


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