Monday, May 28, 2012

Strawberry Patch 2012

It's one of our yearly tradition to take Lorelai to the strawberry patch here in town.  It's actually not too far from our house (shocker - everything usually is not close to us at all!) and every year LL has an absolute blast.  You can see our trip to the strawberry patch last year here.  Every year that we go I think that she eats more while where there than we actually get in the bucket.  :)

This year, my mom and step-dad came with us.  I wish I had had the opportunity to take more pictures, but my camera died while we were there.  Here are the pictures I did manage to take.

With an empty bucket and ready to go!

How grown up does she look?!

Her favorite part is for sure eating them.  :)

Proof that I was there - even though I didn't do much more than just   take pictures.  Bending over = not easy.

This was the best family picture that we got - haha.

This really is one of my favorite family traditions and I know that LL loves it, too.  She is still talking about the strawberry patch, and it's been about 4 weeks since we went!  Next year we'll have another little guy to tag along with us.  ;)


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