Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My 28th Birthday

30 is creeping up on me WAY too fast, and I'm not liking it at all!  I really wanted to keep my birthday pretty low-key this year.  The best thing in the world to me was the thought of staying home with my little family with no distractions - no places to go, no technology, etc.  We have been so crazy busy that staying home sounded like a vacation in itself!  Matt and LL went and picked up El Toreo for dinner (totally my request - yum!) and they also surprised me with roses and a balloon!  They didn't get me a present other than dinner, the flowers, and the balloon because Matt knew I was saving all of my birthday money for a new camera, so I told him what I really wanted was for us to put whatever extra money that I needed towards the camera.  

Baby C and I are ready to get our party on!  ;)

My birthday flowers.

My birthday balloon.  Who do you think picked it out??

My new baby!

As soon as they got home, we got to chowing down!  We had quesadillas and cheese/chips.  It was SO GOOD!

After dinner, we put LL in her swim suit and headed outside.  LL actually asked if she could have a bath in her pool, and we were totally so relaxed this day that we said yes.  I guess it's a good thing we live in the country.  ;)  We totally took all of her bath supplies outside and let her have a bubble bath in her pool.  Totally red-neck, but totally fun - haha.

My absolute new fav picture of us!

Even though it wasn't technically very "exciting", I had a GREAT evening, and nothing else in the world sounded better to me than what we did.  :)


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Joeylee said...

Sometimes the most low keys days are the best. That is a super cute pic of you & LL. yay for your new camera