Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby C Name Hints!

Now that the arrival date of Baby C is getting closer and closer, I thought I'd give you a few hints to help you in your guessing of his name.  I'm also going to be hosting a contest for those of you who want to put in a permanent guess!  This contest does not have a physical prize - just the joy of knowing that you won (which is exactly what I tell my kids at school - haha).  And if you DO happen to guess, I will do a blog post after he is born letting everyone know that you got it right.  So you WILL get to be a mini-celeb here on my blog with all the rights to correctly guessing his name.  That's a prize enough, right??  :)

Alrighty, here are your hints:

1 - Your two most obvious hints are the ones that you've had all along - his first name starts with a C, and his middle name starts with a B.

2 - One of the names can be shortened.  One of the names can't.

3- We plan on calling him by his first name.

4- Both names have two syllables.  

5- I have never known anyone in real life with his first name.

6 - One of the names has a traditional spelling, one of them does not.

7- One of the names ranks in the top 100 boys names for 2011.  The other ranks in the top 500.

Only your FIRST guess will count, so make sure you think long and hard before you enter a guess!  Here's the link!  Happy guessing and may the odds ever be in your favor.  ;)



Emily said...

ahhh i have TOO many guesses!!!!!!

Gino said...

Carmine Bernoulli Mullican!