Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mommy and Me Weekend

Not long after I got back from California, Matt had sort of a "boy's weekend" planned.  There was a contest with Aflac and the prize was a weekend in Florida camping.  He met the qualifications of the contest, so he went on the trip.  At first, I was totally pumped to have a weekend alone with LL - especially after spending so much time away from her on my trip.

When the time came for the camping weekend to come, I was not so pumped anymore.  I felt AWFUL this weekend (pregnancy and non-pregnancy related) and did not know if I had the strength to do everything on my own.  Matt still went on his trip, so obviously we survived, but I'll be honest - it was not a weekend that I will remember fondly - haha.

Even though I was feeling (and looking) rough, I tried to stay as positive as I could for LL.  Here's a little bit of what we did.   :)

It was a very rainy, dreary weekend, so we soaked up what little time we could outside.

What mom doesn't love any kind of flower picked for her by her baby?

Look at those long legs!!  Who in the world does she get those from??

Love.  :)

She had chalk from her toes... her nose!  Just a sign that we had a good time, right?

All the flowers my sweet girl picked for me.

She LOVES to be outside.

On Sunday, my original plan was to go grocery shopping.  One thing led to another, and we just never made it to the grocery store.  I did get her dressed, though, and she insisted on wearing this hat.  Adorable.  She also insisted on playing (and "working") in Baby C's room, hence the wheels in her hand and the stickers on her shirt.  But you can get an idea of how cute she looked AND how hard it is to get a decent picture sometimes.  :)

Cute, but not looking.

"Lorelai, look at the camera!"

Can't you just see what she's thinking?  "That's enough moooom" - haha.

Daddy came home later Sunday afternoon, and we were BOTH crazy excited to see him!  


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