Wednesday, May 2, 2012

31 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby Growth: This week, Baby C is measuring in at about 16 inches long and about 3.3 lbs (about the size of a pineapple!), and he is heading into a growth spurt. He can now turn his head from side to side. His little body is really starting to get plump in there! He’s still going through major brain and nerve development. His irises now react to light, and all five of his senses are in working order (although he won’t use his sense of smell until he is born)

Isn't this CRAZY that this is the size he is?  And totally don't judge my picture.  This was like 9pm and I was EXHAUSTED.

My Symptoms: My biggest symptom this week is hands down my pelvic pain. It is back, and with a vengeance. It has been terribly bad this week and not a pleasant thing to deal with at all. Putting on pants, getting in bed, rolling over, etc. are when I feel it the worst. My heartburn has (overall) been doing better. I still have some days where it is terrible, but it’s not unmanageable at all. I remember it being MUCH worse with LL, so I’m thankful that it’s not any worse right now.

My constipation is so much better this week. I’m hopeful that it will just stay consistent from here until delivery. My temper has really been bad this week, and I can totally tell. It’s frustrating because I know (even in the moment!) when I’m acting like a crazy, hormonal pregnant woman, but there’s not a thing in the world I can do about it. I’ll even think in my head, “this is not that big of a deal”, but I still can’t make it go away. Soooo annoying. And feeling that way usually puts me in a worse mood. It’s a vicious cycle.

I had just a little bit of swelling this week, but it’s been considerably better. This makes me SUPER happy. I know that mild swelling is normal at this point, but it still makes me super nervous. I have felt VERY short of breath this week. I start huffing and puffing just from doing simple things, AND I feel like I just can’t get in a good breath. I find myself sighing all the time just because I’m trying to get a decent breath in.

This has also been the week of the crazies. I have had so many RUDE comments this week. I don’t understand what makes people think that they can say inappropriate things about my body just because I’m pregnant? It totally keeps happening over and over! There was the cashier at the grocery store who, literally, asked me 6 times, “Can you even GET any bigger??”. I brushed it off the first time, but when she kept asking, it really got old! Then there was the woman in the mall who was shocked that I still had 10 weeks left and proceeded to CALL HER HUSBAND OVER to look at me so that she could show him how huge I am and ask him to guess how much longer I had. And then she asked to touch my belly. No joke. Plus about a million more things in-between. Listen people, I know I’m huge. I know my belly is VERY noticeable. I know it shocks you that I have as long as I do left. I totally don’t mind you commenting on it. And you don’t have to compliment me. JUST DON’T BE RUDE!

Weight: I only gained 1lb this week! Yay! That is MUCH better than my huge gain last week. This brings me to 17lbs total. Not bad, not bad!

Belly Pictures:

Gender: Boy!

Maternity Clothes: Goodness. I am PUSHING IT with the regular clothes that I’m still getting away with wearing. Would you believe that I still have one pair of REGULAR jeans that I can still button? I know – it totally shocks me, too! The biggest problem that I’m having is that shirts just are not long enough to cover my whole belly. It’s frustrating because even some of my maternity shirts are not long enough. And, even though my belly is pretty big, some of the maternity stuff that I have still swallows me and is not very flattering.

Movement: He has been moving a TON this week and I absolutely LOVE it. He has also been getting the hiccups a ton. It’s getting to where you can see super huge movements from the outside now. Every time I pull out my camera to try and video it, he stops. The stinker. Hopefully I can catch him soon. :)

Sleep: This has been doing better. Other than terrible pelvic pain when I try and roll over, I’ve actually been sleeping pretty good! Last night I slept WONDERFULLY until I had to get up to go to the bathroom. Then, it took me forever to go back to sleep. But once I’m asleep, it’s great! I’m still getting crazy hot, but I’ve taken to sleeping with just a sheet on and that seems to be helping a ton.

What I Miss: I don’t know?? Nothing comes to mind this week. I’m really starting to realize how quickly this pregnancy is coming to an end, and I’m really enjoying these last few weeks that I have.

What I’m Looking Forward To: We’re going to Downtown Farm Days this weekend, and I’m super excited. We went twice last summer and had a blast. I’m definitely looking forward to a crepe and buying some guacamole. I’ve also been doing a TON around the house and I’m really excited at the progress that we’re making in his room.

Cravings: Not really anything specific.

Best Moment of the Week: Today is my birthday! Yay! That always makes for a good week, doesn’t it? LL has been SUPER sweet the past week or so, and I’m totally soaking it up! We went to some friends’ house for dinner this week and she told one of the women (when I wasn’t even in the room), “My Mommy is perfect.” Don’t you just melt?? I do!

Questions or Concerns: Doing good right now.

Goals for the Week: Keep doing great on cleaning the house and keep working in his nursery. I’m LOVING it! I also need to register for the hospital classes!


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Katherine said...

Loved reading the comments from random people! Sometimes people are so crazy! I think you look amazing!!