Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Easter Tradition: Resurrection Rolls

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon this recipe for something called "Resurrection Rolls" on Pinterest.  If you're not on Pinterest yet - what are you doing?!  It is honestly the best thing in the world. I pinned this recipe and knew that I wanted to remember to try it with LL at Easter.  

After we went to the Easter Egg Hunt, we came back home for nap time.  I called my mom to see if they wanted to come over for dinner, and they did.  I decided that we would do the Resurrection Rolls for our dessert.  Basically, here's how they work (and the gist of the story that I toned down for a 3 year old):

What you need: 
butter (melted)
crescent rolls

She was such a GREAT listener when we were talking about Jesus and the rolls!!  

Of course we let her eat a few marshmallows, too.  :)

The marshmallow represent Jesus and his body.  You take the marshmallow and roll it in the melted butter. 

 Then, you roll it in the cinnamon/sugar mixture.  This symbolizes them preparing Jesus's body for burial.

  Then, you take the marshmallow and roll it up in the crescent roll until it is completely covered.  This represents when Jesus is put into the tomb and the stone is moved to cover the doorway. 

 Then, you bake the crescent rolls as the package says.  When you take them out of the oven (and let them cool), you can bite into them (or break them open) and see that the marshmallow is gone!  This represents when Jesus rose out of the tomb and went to Heaven - He is alive!

This project went over GREAT.  I was so happy with how much LL paid attention, and she really had a great concept of what I was talking to her about.  Of course it helped that she had been doing resurrection eggs with Grammy for a while and knew the whole story coming into it.  This was also a great project for her age.  She was totally old enough to be able to help with the entire process.  They rolls also turned out great.  They weren't as pretty as the ones on Pinterest, but they tasted awesome - pretty much exactly like a crescent roll.  We will FOR SURE be adding this to our list of Easter activities to do every year!



Emily said...

Super cool!!!! I need to do this with kye!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool