Friday, June 8, 2018

Outside Time

Since the weather started warming up in April, we really tried to fit in as much outside time as we could.  We went fishing as a family once (you can read about it here), but Matt also took the kids on his own one night.  He packed them a picnic dinner, they ate in the back of the truck, and then they spent a few hours fishing!

This fishing trip was more successful than our last one!

We took the kids to the park one Saturday morning to get some energy out.  Matt and I just sat on the bench and talked while the kids ran around and had a good time.  It was great!

After the park, we took another trip to the strawberry patch!  We went over Spring Break, but we blew through that gallon of strawberries quickly, so we went back to pick more!

It was Cooper's week to bring his class pet home (Flip Flop), so Cooper taught him how to pick strawberries, too.  ;)

Our reward for picking a gallon of strawberries?  Ice cream, slushies, and play time!

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