Thursday, June 21, 2018

Pre-Cruise Vacation: Disney Springs

What's the best/craziest thing to do the day after you close on your new house??  Leave for a cruise!  Last summer, Matt and I started talking with the kids about what possible vacation we wanted to do this summer.  Every year for the past 4 or so years, we've been going to different beaches around Florida.  While this has been fun, it's also just different variations of the same vacation.  We decided this year to do something different: cruise!  Matt and I took a cruise for our honeymoon, and then we took another one with my sister when I graduated college.  When looking ahead towards this summer, LL would be 9 and Cooper would be almost 6: meaning no naps, no potty training, etc.  Life is getting easier!  So wayyyyy back last August, we booked our cruse.  Then, a few months later, my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew decided they wanted to come, too!  

We closed on our new house on Friday, May 25 (you can read all about this process HERE!), and we left for our cruise on Saturday, May 26.  Our cruise didn't actually leave until Sunday, but we decided to drive down the day before to have some "pre-vacation" time.

Ready to get this vacation started!

It's not a good road trip without road trip snacks, right??

A donut may be a weird roadtrip snack, but I was as happy as can be!

We got to Orlando and drove straight to Disney Springs to stretch our legs and walk around.

It really surprised me, but Cooper was not into building anything at the Lego store.  LL was, so I stayed with her and Matt and Cooper walked around for a little while.

I'm pretty sure they were having a discussion about the construction of this lego monster.

Silly faces!

We had a dinner reservation at Rainforest Cafe, but had quite a bit of time to kill before our time to eat.  At the amphitheater, they had quite a few school choirs from around the country performing.  We sat down for a little while to rest and watch a group from NY.

This is what LL thought of the show - haha.

We made the reservations at Rainforest Cafe as a big celebratory dinner: LL getting Honor Roll for 3rd grade, Cooper graduating from pre-school, my new job, and our new house!  We went into this knowing it was going to be our big celebration dinner!

This alligator entertained the kids for a while!

In good moods and ready for an awesome vacation!

As a fun surprise, we let the kids get slushies in souvenir cups.  They were over the moon!

We also splurged and got a chocolate volcano for dessert!

We had a rough little go after dinner.  First, Cooper broke his flip-flop, and then he had an accidental punch in the face.  Thankfully, he's pretty good about having a quick recovery time - haha.  We didn't want him doing the long walk back to the car with one foot with no shoe, so Uncle Gino came to the rescue!

We drove to the hotel, got baths, and then had an early bed time to prepare for the cruise the next day!  Dreaming of adventures ahead...

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