Monday, June 11, 2018

Moody Mud Run

Since Matt and I started our weightloss/fitness journey a little over 2 years ago, we've really gone from "hey - lets just lose weight" to really focusing on getting healthy and strong.  That being said, we've really tried to find some new ways to exercise and challenge ourselves.  The gym is nice, but it can get boring and repetitive.  Neither of us is really a "runner", but we both were really interested in doing the mud run hosted by the local Air Force Base.  We looked into it and knew that it was more exercise/obstacle based and less of actual running.  We signed up and put an open invite on facebook for anyone who might want to "run" with us. 

The kids went to play with grandparents for the morning, and we headed to the course!

We did the 10:15 start time, and while I don't think it was a bad time, I would do a little earlier of a time next year.

Casey signed up to do the race with us, and it was fun to have someone else slogging through the obstacles with us!

We didn't take our phones on the course with us because 1-no way 2-so dirty 3-so busy - haha.  It took us about 2 hours (we had to stop and wait in line for several obstacles), but we all completed it and had a blast doing it!!

Dirty and tired, but we did it!

The shower afterwards was so disgusting.  And I literally just threw away my clothes and shoes - haha.

So proud of my first medal!

And my race shirt!

If you've never done anything like this, I highly encourage you to try it!  Even if you not "in shape" or a "runner", just give it a go.  It was so hard at times, but it also felt so good to push my body and see what I was capable of!  We will for sure be doing this again next year!

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