Wednesday, June 6, 2018

March Randoms

In hindsight, March ended up being the "calm before the storm" for us.  Starting in April, our lives got super crazy (hence the lack of posting) and are just starting to settle down here at the beginning June.  Here is a look back at all of our random things from March that didn't fit into their own post:

What We've Been Up To:
Cooper had some dress up days at school, and he wore his big pirate hat from our trip to Disney a few years ago.

Still rocking the pirate hat at Chik-Fil-A for lunch.  ;)

We also had Kye's birthday party to go to this month.  Matt is the only one who owned any Star Wars gear, so at least he dressed in theme.  ;)  

The kids had a blast at the party, but my favorite part was definitely getting baby snuggles!

Even the kids slowed down for some baby snuggles (for a minute!).

Cooper was pumped to sit next to the birthday boy at the big kid's table! (LOVE sweet Tessie back there posing, too!)

All the kids got cute robes to wear for their Jedi training!

After their training (which I was surprised at how seriously everyone took it!), each kid got to take a turn fighting Darth Vador!

This boy will keep me safe!

My forever-kid-birthday-party-sidekick!

Cooper was toting his sword around even the next day!

I saw this posted on social media, and it is so so so accurate for south Georgia!

My two boys in blue (in the drop off line)

Neon from top to bottom.  And the cutest smile ever.

When I finished my work-out one night, Matt called and said Cooper wanted to bake some cookies when I got home.  So, DUH, we did!

Even LL (who isn't a huge fan of helping in the kitchen) came in to help out for a little while!

Professional Cookie Bakers!

These showed up in the break room at work one day.  And I may have resisted completely.  It was hard!  Donuts are my weakness!

We had friends over for dinner one night, and the kids had a blast playing outside in the backyard!

Have you tried an Escape Room?  I've done one twice now, and I LOVE them!!  My sister came in town this month, and I talked them into going with us.  This was a first time for them and for Matt, and we all had a blast (even if we didn't Escape)!

While my sister was in town, the kids had fun playing with Ben in Gigi's backyard.

My mom wanted to try and get a group picture with everyone in town, but Cooper didn't want to cooperate, and we had some goofballs in the group...

We went to breakfast together before they left to go back to Atlanta.  LL ordered a pancake, and look at what showed up!

One thing is for sure - my kids couldn't have a better Aunt (and Uncle!)

Cooper had a birthday party for a classmate at a local jump place aka: his favorite place in the world.

He had no clue how to play this game, but man he looked super cute trying!

I saw this floating around after Billy Graham passed away, and it really made me stop and think!

LL had her dentist appointment this month, but it was awkwardly in the middle of the day.  Daddy saved the day and picked her up from school and took her to her appointment.

Aspyn loves to sleep in this chair when the kids got to bed.  We looked over one night and she was sleeping so hard that her tongue was hanging out!

I took LL to the gym with me after school one day.  After I finished my workout, we decided to have a "Mommy and LL" date and went to grab a quick dinner together!

Our (mostly outdoor) cat is not a big snuggler (and not very nice for that matter), but she will occasionally snuggle up and be nice for a little bit!

A little St. Patrick's Day spirit!

Matt's cousin came in town with her baby, and both kids were over the moon to see Baby Anna-Reed!

Who are we kidding?  I was pretty pumped, too - haha.

We had an in-service day in March, and a co-worker posted this to social media - and it totally made me laugh.  We all park out back near our hallway (instead of in the normal parking lot), and one of the teachers parked crooked, so we all blocked her in - haha.

We rocked some bright colors one Sunday morning to celebrate Spring and good weather!

We prepped our house to put it on the market this month, and we took the desk out of our bedroom.  As a temporary office solution, we used our TV as the monitor, and I just used the computer in the living room for a little while.

The weather was super pretty one Sunday, so we took the kids out fishing for the afternoon.

The only catch of the afternoon!

LL and I took a trip to the library - which is a favorite activity for both of us!

Kayla took LL home from school for me one day this month, and LL got to hold Koko while she was there.  She was so happy about this!

Cooper did some yoga at Grammy and Pop's - haha.

I hosted a baby shower for Kayla, and the kids and Matt both helped me do some food prep for the shower!

It was a morning shower, so LL and I headed to that while the boys did this...

This pregnancy is such a miracle, and we are so excited for Baby Jelly Bean!

This was LL's first time going to a baby shower, and she loved every second of it!

Matt dropped Cooper off for the last 15 minutes so that he could feel like he was a part of it, too.  ;)

After the shower, the kids went to Gigi's house for a little while so that I could get my gym on!

LL had some birthday money saved up that she hadn't used, so we went to Target one night so that she could spend it.  Not only did she have a blast picking out some new things, she also was so so sweet and bought Cooper a toy, too!

When you find a doll named "Lorelei", you've got to get it!

Taking Lorelei to church!

This kid's dress-up spirit is amazing.

More cookie baking! (Can you tell it's one of our favorite activities??)

Matt had to rebuild our pump house, and the kids got out there for some free labor and helped him paint!

I haven't read nearly as much as I've wanted to this month/year, but I'm fitting it in where I can!

Ya'll.  So true.
I could not, for the life of me, find Cooper one day.  Legit, it started to scare me and I almost went outside to start calling for him.  The stinker was hiding behind the cushions in the couch (and was so proud of himself!).

We got a rug from my sister and put it in our living room.  It was a tad big, but super beautiful!

Lovie was more into snuggling than she usually is!  I went into LL's room one night and found them like this:

Matt and I worked in a yard a ton this month to prep the house to go on the market, and this old lady ran around while we were outside.

Fitness/What We're Eating:
With only two months until the cruise, Matt and I were hitting the gym as much as we could.  Our Saturday morning workouts together are my favorite!

Gino went to a crossfit partner workout with Matt one day.  This is how Crossfit makes you feel...

And this is how working out on your own makes you feel...haha!

Progress is slow, but it's happening!

You're not working hard enough if you don't have to take breaks between sets!

We saw these protein donuts on Shark Tank one night, and ordered some (I looove donuts).  Suprisingly, they were amazing!

Super yummy!

That's a wrap on March!  I'm playing catch-up as quickly as I can!

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