Saturday, June 9, 2018

April Randoms

April flew by for us in a whirlwind of events, but here are all of the random things that didn't fit into a post of their own:

Gigi picked Cooper up from school one day, and they stopped by the park to eat a picnic lunch and play.  Coop loved it and talked about it for days!

I saw this on social media, and I have never related to a meme more.  With Cooper being 9 lbs 5 oz at birth, this will be my life motto!

Matt and Cooper met Grammy and Pop at Waffle House for breakfast one morning before school.  

This boy can beast mode through a whole waffle!

We also went by DQ for an ice cream treat one night!

Ha!  And in the spirit of eating out, we also went to dinner with Gigi and Poppy one night to celebrate Matt's birthday!

LL and I had our last matching day for the year (and photobomber take 1)

Photobomber take 2

And finally!

The weather was so up and down this month - this is totally what I felt like!

I've been working out super consistently since January, and sometimes it's hard to see changes, but they're there!

Sometimes I haul more stuff to the gym than I used to have to haul for a baby!

While I was on the elliptical one day, this girl came and laid down in the floor area for like 15 minutes.  She was my spirit animal - haha.  

Cooper used a table cloth to make a "ninja outfit" one day at Grammy and Pop's.

Pop had a doctor's appointment one afternoon, so Grammy took Cooper to the park and the snow cone truck came by!  Talk about a double win for Cooper!

We went to Gigi's house one Saturday and finally had our first swim of the season!

Well - the kids swam.  Matt and I did this - haha.

I babysat Spear for a few hours for Emily, and I was absolutely in baby Heaven!!

Cooper doesn't nap often anymore, but when he does, he just looks so dang sweet.

LL loves to draw on my board after school, and I looked up to find this one day!

This precious girl has such a great heart!

Cooper had his week to bring home his class pet (Flip Flop) this month, which also means it was his snack week.  Cooper and Flip Flop helped me make dirt cups with worms for all of his classmates!

The finished product!

AND I'm a teacher in April.  #truth

We went to the library a few times this month, and LL was on a huge reading kick.  I loved finding her around the house reading all the time!

I don't know about you, but this is the case for me!

This one made me laugh!

Matt and I had a lunch date this month and then went to see Avengers Infinity War (fun fact: I LOVE superhero movies)

Kayla had sweet Jelly Bean this month (born on her Daddy's birthday!) and Matt and I were over the moon to finally meet this precious girl!

Hanging out with Opa's cool car.

Cooper isn't a big animal fan like LL is, but he was loving Aspyn this month!

All dressed up for his class graduation practice/pictures!

I mean, it never gets old, right?
That's a wrap for April!

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