Thursday, June 7, 2018

Spring Break 2018

Spring Break is always one of my favorite breaks during the year.  It's typically warming up some, and now that the kids are older, we're really able to fit in some fun activities that don't require a ton of effort.  We try to have a good balance of chill time and fun time, and I think we did a good job of that this year!

The weekend that kicked off Spring Break was Easter weekend.  You can read all about how we celebrated here.

You can read all about our Easter Sunday here!

When school is in, I always have to work out in the early evenings after school, so I love it when I get to work out in the mornings when I'm on break!

This is one of my new favorite snacks!

Wardrobe change for a girl's dinner with friends!

Tuesday morning we just spent the morning at home.  We hung out outside for a while because the weather was perfect, and the kids loved playing with chalk and scooting around.

LL and I snuggled and had movie time while Cooper (and Aspyn) took a nap.

That afternoon I put on my momiform (aka: shorts, tennis shoes, and hat) to meet some friends at the strawberry patch!

Both kids literally inhale strawberries, so going to pick our own is always a favorite activity for everyone.

I've got pictures from the strawberry patch from when LL was a baby, so seeing both kids there picking with us is just a great feeling.

This picture just cracked me up - an awesome pose and a crooked hat.  These boys make me laugh!

My 4!

My kids love picking strawberries, but they love the playground even more.  Add in friends with the playground?  Heaven.

Cooper's ultimate favorite part?  The strawberry lemonade slushie!

Dirty, sweaty, and with a slushie - this is one happy boy!

LL is allll about babies/other people's young kids, so playing with Susanna was a favorite for her.

You've got to give her a hand - picking strawberries at 37 weeks pregnant is no joke!

Next year these four kids will have another one to their bunch!

Just two old men rocking in their chairs - haha.

When we got home, we washed all of the berries and then made some strawberry banana bread!  LL got a lesson in using a real knife, and she did a great job!

So yummy!

Sometimes "NOPE" is just how you're feeling.

The kids and I loaded up to go to lunch with Gigi and Poppy.  Eating out with the kids at a "real restaurant" can be hit or miss depending on their moods, but they did so great this day!

Cooper was loving his activity book.

After lunch, Gigi and I took the kids to go see Sherlock Gnomes.  Cooper wanted to take his dinosaur in to watch the movie, too, and ya'll.  Walking in, holding his hand, and looking down to see him cuddling his dinosaur was just one of those "freeze time" moments for me.  Please, God, let them stay little.

The movie was cute and both kids liked it!

Thursday evening we went to Sonic to get some treats after dinner.  Sometimes some ice cream is just what you need!

Sometimes the best way to get Cooper to do a real smile.... to bribe him with a silly face picture afterwards - haha.

Friday Gigi and I decided to brave the Spring Break crowd and take the kids to Wild Adventures!

The animals on the way in are always LL's favorite!

Cooper was feeling brave and wanted to do the big boy roller coaster at the beginning!  LL wanted no part in it, so she and Gigi watched while Cooper and I rode.

Cooper was feeling extra brave and picked the front row!

From the big boy roller coaster to the little kid train - haha.

Both kids wanted to do the dizzy ride, so Gigi sat that out and I rode with them.

Another one of LL's favorite parts in the bird habitat where you can feed/hold them.  Last year, Cooper freaked out in here, but this year he was fine with it!

This is one happy girl!  She would literally spend all day in here!

The kids wanted to do bumper cars (first time ever), and I don't think mom and I have ever laughed as hard as we did watching them do this.  It was hilarious!

Am I the only one who just absolutely adores their children's profiles??  They're just so adorable to me!!

We decided to YOLO it up and feed the giraffes!

We wrapped up our visit with a ride on the Ferris Wheel.

Saturday was a super chill day.  We all hit up the gym in the morning.

During nap time I started a new book (it was good!).

Matt's birthday was on Monday, but we went ahead and did his birthday dinner on Saturday when we had time and weren't rushed.  He requested homemade burgers, so we had quite a spread.

He also requested chocolate chip cookies instead of a cake, so we made some and put a candle in there for him.  ;)

After dinner snuggles and a movie!

Sunday we got up and got ready for church.

My sweet babies!  I don't often post two pictures that are almost the same, but Cooper's little smile in both was irresistible!

Mom tip: I make this cauliflower breadstick recipe and it's a win for everyone.  It tastes amazing and has few calories.  Plus the kids gobble it up and have no idea they're eating a vegetable!  Win!
Once Spring Break is over, the countdown for summer starts!

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