Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Show and Tell: Top 5 Pictures

I'm linking up with Andrea today for Show and Tell Tuesday.  Today is all about our top 5 pictures.  Now.  Let's be realistic.  There is no way I could narrow down my favorite pictures to just 5.  I probably couldn't narrow it down to 100!  But, I did try to find some of my favorite pictures in different categories for today.

#1 - Favorite Mom Moment
I can honestly say that my life changed completely the minute that I became a mom.  It is just something that I know I was meant to do.  My brother-in-law took this picture of me and LL when she was just 4 weeks old, and I think it sums up all of my feelings in just one picture.  This baby girl completely changed me for the rest of my life - she made me a mother.  I love this picture because I think it shows that change.

#2 - Favorite LL
Hands down - this picture will always win as my favorite of LL!  We got this gem at her 6 month pictures (and we have it as a big canvas in our living room).  I love her eyes, her personality, and that fuzzy head.  This will always hold the top place for my favorite of her!

#3 - Favorite Cooper
This picture that Lindsay got this past summer for Cooper's 4 year pictures is my favorite because it is just so Cooper.  He is all boy.  Silly smile, no shoes, and about to take off after sitting still for 30 seconds.  I love this boy, his contagious silliness, and all of the boyishness that he brings to our family!

 #4 - Favorite Us
We took this picture almost 3 years ago on our trip to Jamaica for our 10 year anniversary.  It's not a perfect picture, but it is us, and it was such a happy vacation for us.  I love this man, I love our life that we're building, and I love seeing how far we've come.

#5 - Favorite Family
I have so many "perfect" pictures of our whole family that I could pick, but I choose this one instead.  Because it's more raw and real.  Matt and I have created a beautiful little family, and there's nothing I love more than just spending time together.  We spent so much time last summer at the beach, playing, and just soaking up time, and I will always love those types of memories the most; sun-soaked, covered in sand, together, and happy.



Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

beautiful family. WOnderful shots. that second picture--- love it!!!

Laura Darling said...

That second picture is priceless!