Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Winter Break 2017

A few years ago when my school went to a shorter calendar, we got a week off in February as our "Winter Break".  I absolutely love this and look forward to an extra week off during the year!  While our week didn't *quite* go as planned, we still tried to make the best of it.

School is much more fun with a puppy around!

For Valentine's Day, Oma and Opa sent some money to the kids for all of us to go out to The Mix for a family night.  We decided that the best time to do it was the Friday that kicked off Winter Break!

Finally, a few weeks after her actual birthday, we had LL's birthday party!

As I mentioned in LL's party post, LL threw up on the way to her party.  We were hoping it was just nerves (which is very typical of LL), but we were wrong.  She threw up again on the way home, and we knew we had a virus.

She got sick several more times during the night.  She and I spent all day Sunday in mine and Matt's room trying to get her better and prevent anyone else from getting it.

You know she's sick when she takes a nap in the middle of the day.

Playing with birthday toys in bed!

We woke up with everyone feeling great, so we spent the day sanitizing the house and letting the kids finally play a little.

Around 3am, we woke up to find that the virus had transferred to Cooper.  Round 2.

LL and I already had plans to go to Atlanta on Tuesday for a girl's trip.  A trip to Atlanta and the American Girl Doll store was her birthday present from me, Matt, and Cooper.  Since we were feeling fine, we hit the road and let Daddy take care of Cooper.

About 3 hours into my drive, I started to not feel so great.  By the time I made it to my sister's house, I was pretty sure I had the stomach virus that the kids had.  I spent all Tuesday night in the bathroom and in bed.

I spent Wednesday morning in bed desperately trying to feel better so that we could still make our trip to the AG store.  Thankfully, my sister is amazing, and she and LL had a fantastic morning together.  LL loved walking Ben to the bus stop (he still had school this week).

Not a happy bunny.  But at least I managed a shower!

Laura tried to take LL ice skating, but the rink wasn't open to the public.  Instead, they hung out and watched the hockey players for a little while.

To make Daddy proud, Laura took LL to Bass Pro.

They also went to the Lego store and did a scavenger hunt to get Cooper this batman mask!

Ben only had 1/2 day at school, so they picked up lunch and waited for him to get off of the bus.

By lunch, I still didn't feel great.  But I was up.  And showered.

When they got back from the bus stop, I rallied and said "it's now or never!" and we jetted to the AG store!

I was so proud of LL!  She saved her money and had over $300 to spend at the store!

She was so happy with all of the things she picked out!

The first doll she got was a "Just Like Me" doll with brown, curly hair and blue eyes!

She also got a Wellie Wisher for her second doll!  I just love the Wellie Wisher - they are so cute.

The kids spent some time outside playing with Nerf guns.  They got in a small argument, and LL went to the top of the hill to pout for a little bit - haha.

Friends again.  ;)

LL walked to see Ben off to school again!

She somehow convinced Aunt Laura to buy her this ginormous dolphin at Bass Pro.

I still wasn't feeling 100%, but I just wanted to be home.  We hit the road, and this is what I found when I got done pumping gas - haha.  Buckle up for safety!

Cooper liked his prize!

Thankfully, I was feeling good enough when we got back to go to my hair appointment.

Lighter for spring!

New hair!

Cooper had a cute Strawberry Shortcake Social at school that both Matt and I were able to go to!  I typically don't go to much at Cooper's school since it's so far from me, so I was happy that I could go to this!

LL spent the night with Grammy and Pop, and they took her to a fancy local restaurant for dinner.  It was so sweet!

Cooper enjoyed playing with LL's toys (and new dolphin blanket) while she was gone.

Saturday was Matt's turn with the stomach virus (it officially got all 4 of us!), so Cooper and I headed out for a morning away from home.  First up, a big boy haircut!

So handsome!!

We had to go by Sams, and, duh, you can't go to Sam's without getting a treat!  This cutie and I split a pretzel.

Saturday afternoon Cooper and I went to pick up LL, and Daddy finally started to feel a little better.  We spent Sunday at home completely bleaching the whole house and getting ready for another week at school.  While it wasn't quite the Winter Break that I was hoping for, we still made the best that we could of it!


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