Friday, June 10, 2016

Family Pictures - Cooper at 4 Years Old

It's no secret that Cooper is a busy boy!  He's getting much better and holding still and smiling for a picture, but he is still all about going and doing!  For our family pictures, I was a little nervous about how he would do as far as being cooperative.  Like I've said before, Lindsay is amazing and ended up getting some great pictures of Cooper that really show his personality!

Cooper's birthday is at the end of the month, so we'll go ahead and count these as his 4 year pictures.  Here is Cooper at 4 years old:

My sweet boy!  He just looks so long in this picture to me!

This is Cooper!  Shoes off, in the grass and dirt with a face full of smile!

She got him mid-run for this one!  Which again, is totally Cooper!  He is constantly on the go and does not like to slow down!

Oh my boy!

I just can't believe my last baby is turning 4!

After we had Lorelai, I was convinced that I wanted another girl.  Oh, how I am so happy that I was proven wrong and that I have these two boys in my life!

This is quite possibly my favorite picture from our entire session.  Cooper and I were just playing around (mainly to keep his spirits up - haha), and she caught this moment between the two of us.  I will cherish this picture forever!

My goodness how he's grown over the last 3 years!  But I also love that he's still just Cooper.  While he's changed, he also hasn't.  He is my favorite boy!

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