Wednesday, March 1, 2017

LL's 8th Birthday Party

This year, LL's birthday party was quite a little bit after her birthday.  Her birthday was on February 5, but we didn't have her party until February 18.  Last year, we had a blast at LL's Campfire Birthday -- but let me be honest -- those kinds of parties are a lot of work!  When talking about party ideas in the fall, LL said she wanted another swim party at Tiny Bubbles (like we did for her 5th birthday), and I was completely on board!  Tiny Bubbles does an jam up job for birthday parties, and it really is a win-win for everyone.  For the kids, it's a swim party in February (hello!  That's awesome!).  For the host parents, you have such minimal stuff to bring - which is so so easy.  

Now the party was easy, but we did have a bit of a hectic afternoon.  We left our house about an hour before the party started because we had to stop and get a (huge) #8 balloon blown up and we had to pick up the pizza.  Well.  I was in the car with the kids while Matt was inside getting the pizza when LL said her tummy hurt a little.  I figured she was just excited and would be fine (which would be normal for her).  When I looked back at her, she had tears in her eyes and *the look* on her face.  I got out of my seat and ran around to her side just in time to see her finish throwing up alllllll over the back floorboard of my car.  9 minutes before her birthday party.  Ugh.  As soon as she was done, she said she felt much better (ha!), and we just chalked it up to nerves.  We threw a beach towel over the mess and got to the party (what are you gonna do?!).  Then, as we were walking into the house at the party, the huge #8 balloon got caught on the corner and busted off of the string.  Ugh again.

The show must go on, right??  Right.  LL felt a little queezy, but she still was able to play and swim with her friends - we just told her not to touch anyone just in case (haha).

I love that Tiny Bubbles gets a monogrammed towel for the birthday kid!

Ready to party!

She's EIGHT!!

At this point, Matt just knows that Mommy doesn't do pool duty at parties.

Sweet Ben made the drive from Atlanta just for the party!

It's blurry, but this is so funny to me.

LL was so happy that some sweet friends from school were able to come!

Little Logan just cracks me up!

One of my new favorite pictures of these two!

Boy cousins

My whole world!

This is the only way Cooper would go down the slide!

The party crew!

Silly faces!

LL requested Dolphin cupcakes, and I don't think I did too shabby (if I do say so myself!).  I even did homemade icing for the first time!

Tiny Bubbles has a new party room from the last time we had a party with them.  All of the kids loved looking at the pictures from the party up on the big screen (and trying to find themselves) while they ate!

Logan, Luke, and Lorelai - Any Gilmore Girl's fans??  ;)

Case is just a sweet sweet boy, and I'm so glad he and LL are friends!

CPS buddies!

Bless her - her belly was hurting a little so she didn't eat her pizza or cupcake.  She was still smiling, though!

Up on the stage for the best party - presents!

LL was so sweet and asked Cooper to come up and help her (made his day!).

Our family with an EIGHT year old!!

It really was so much fun - even with some difficulties at the beginning.  

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