Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Kids' Birthday Parties

One thing that I've really grown to love (and have gotten a lot better at) is planning my kids' birthday parties!  I'll be the first to admit, the first couple of LL's parties weren't that great, but I am more than making up for that now!  I really love that I have 1 boy and 1 girl (I/we get to pick a lot of different themes!), and I have a winter (February) and summer (June) birthday, so we get to experience those differences as well.

First up, all of LL's parties:
1 year old - a jungle party
This one was not fantastic in creativity, food, or decor - haha.  But I was a first time mom and just figuring all of this stuff out!

2 years old - An owl party.  We did this one at home, and it did get a tiny bit better

3 years old - Tangled/Rapunzel party.  This is where I really stepped up my game!  We had balloons (lanterns) everywhere, Rapunzel's long braid, and served food in cast iron skillets.  It was awesome!

4 years old - Gymnastics party.  Hosted at the YMCA and so easy for me!

5 years old - Tiny Bubbles swim party.  Again, hosted at a separate location where we just had to show up with a cake and some pizza! 

6 years old - LL decided to forgo a party and instead, we partied at DISNEY WORLD!

7 years old - A campfire party - complete with horses, fireworks, and smores!  It was as amazing as it sounds!

8 years old - Another Tiny Bubbles swim party.  Again, we just showed up with cupcakes and pizza!

Because Cooper's birthday is smack in the middle of South Georgia Summer - he has always had a pool party.  And he will continue to have a pool party until he's old enough to come up with something on his own - haha.  Here are all of Cooper's parties:
1 Year Old - Cooper's Crab Shack.  This was probably my favorite party for Cooper so far.  It was just so cute!  I loved how it all came together!

2 Years Old - A construction theme.  Not your typical pool party theme, but we made it work!

3 Years Old - A Disney "Cars" themed party.

4 Years Old - A Shark Party

Cooper has said he wants a Ninja Turtle party this year, so we've already started planning for that.  I think it will turn out super cute!


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