Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anniversary Date

This year, Matt and I celebrated our 9th year of marriage.  Isn't that crazy??  I did a post about my feelings after nine years on our actual anniversary, but this post is about the date we went on to celebrate.  Grammy came over to watch our kids, and the hubs and I headed out for our first date in quite a while.  

She never wants to take pictures when we want one of her, but she looooves to take them when they're about somebody else.  :)  And we can't pass it up.  I hate that we didn't get a picture of Coop, but he was busy chowing down on dinner when we left.

I mean - that is one good.  looking.  man.  I can honestly say that he is just getting better and better with age!

We were totally lame and ended up eating at Red Lobster.  There were tons of more awesome places that we could have gone, but I really just wanted some seafood.  Matt, knowing that it wasn't a battle worth fighting (he's learned something in 9 years :) ), just agreed and was happy to go.  We just split this bad boy and stuffed ourselves silly.

After dinner, we headed to our favorite fro-yo place and stuffed ourselves even more.  

It's funny, because we are VERY different in our fro-yo tastes.  Matt gets a super rich yogurt (usually something gross like cheesecake), and tops it with chocolate, chocolate, and some more chocolate.  I *always* get a non-dairy option (I think this one was watermelon), and I like to top it with some strawberries, a little bit of chocolate, and kid cereal.  Ugh - my fav.  

It wasn't a super fancy date, and we didn't even stay out very late - but we had FUN.  We enjoyed each other and not having to rush around.  It was a perfect way to celebrate!

Year #10 - we're coming for you!


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