Thursday, June 20, 2013

Uh-Oh Update

When I was posting about LL's last day of school, I noticed something else in my pictures - she is not the only one that has grown!!

Uh-Oh has grown a TON over the last 9 months!!  If you don't remember, Uh-Oh is our cat that just magically appeared last summer on our front porch.  Yippee to us.

Uh-Oh is still around and he's doing great.  Thankfully - he is still an outside cat.  We do let him in occasionally to play, but it's never longer than about 30 minutes - 1 hour.  LL has been toting Uh-Oh around since he showed up and weighed 1 lb - and because of this, I really think he doesn't know any better.   He ADORES LL and still lets her tote him all over the place.  He also looooves to snuggle with her in her bed.  

He really has been a great kitty to LL, and she is absolutely in love with him, too!!  The funny thing is, he realllllly does not like Cooper, but LL can terrorize him all she wants and he just puts up with it.  He is LL's cat FOR SURE!

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