Friday, June 14, 2013

Cooper's 11 Month Pictures

My sister and family were in town for Memorial Day.  Gino was going to take Cooper's 9 month pictures for us, but plans kind of fell through.  I asked him to go ahead and take Cooper's 1 year pictures when he was down (just in case something else came up!), and he said he would take some pics for us - but not his actual one year pics.  We're going to do those the weekend after his birthday.  He took some really awesome ones, and we even did some birthday theme ones, but I'm not sharing those yet since one of the pictures was used on his invitations.  

Before you see the pics, I want to explain his shirt because it has special meaning.  When I was pregnant, my sister and I went on a vacation to California over Spring Break.  On the second day of our trip, we went to an open air market in La Jolla.  While we were at the market, there we a really awesome vendor there selling kids shirts.  The shirts all had one theme to them: pockets.  They had really muted colors, but random shapes of pockets in really neat places.  The name of the her business is Mon Pere (my father).  My sister bought a shirt for "Baby C" and I've been holding on to it ever since.  :)  It was a 12 mo shirt, so he's finally able to fit into it.  I LOVE that we have these pics of him in a shirt that has special meaning.  You can check out the website here, and I know I will be ordering more shirts for Cooper in the future!  I love them!

So here are the best ones that we got from the day!  Check out this handsome dude....





This one is my absolute favorite from the day.  :)


We did these early in the morning, and I had not even done my hair yet because I did noooot anticipate being in any of these.  Thanks, Gino.  :)  But I do like this one.  Other than the eyes, he looks nothing like me and all like his Daddy.  I LOVE it.


This is another one of my favorites.

How can you not fall in love with this face??




I love how his pointed finger is in all of these.  :)

Thanks so much to Gino for getting such beautiful pictures of my baby boy!  More to come soon!



Emily said...

He's SUCH a happy boy! Love the shirt!!! and, duh, the pointer finger ;)

Lauren said...

these pictures are great!! you look beautiful :)