Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Mother's Day this year really was the best Mother's Day that I've had.  We spent all day Saturday doing whatever I wanted, and it really turned out perfect.  Initially, I wanted to go pick strawberries in the afternoon, but the local patch got some weird disease on the strawberries, and it wasn't open anymore.  We didn't let that stop us though - we still had a great day!

One of the best gifts was watching my babies play together.  They are *finally* starting to play together and are really sweet to each other.

When Cooper got up from his nap at 11:00, we went and picked up Firehouse Subs.  We ate a picnic at the park and then played for a little while.

So cute.  :)
And is it just me, or do LL's legs look SUPER long??

Cooper's first time going down a slide!

Trying to get a picture with two kids looking and smiling is not joke.  And pretty much impossible.

Since we couldn't go to the strawberry patch, LL and Daddy went out side and washed my car for me.  LL was a great helper!!

We fed the kids dinner like normal, but we waited to eat until after they went to bed.  Matt fixed a super yummy dinner for me that was seriously THE BEST.  Steak, broccoli and cheese, baked potatoes, and crescent rolls.  SO.  GOOD.  

The next morning, we snapped some pics before heading to church.

I am so in love with this little boy!

My best girl!  She is just the most amazing little girl and I'm so happy to be home this summer to spend so much time with her.  She's awesome!!

The best one we got.  :)

Poor Coop.  He has to miss a nap when we go to church (like -has to miss it completely!) and he was soooo worn out that he conked out in the car.  Bless him.

If he ever randomly falls asleep in the car (this really only ever happens on Sunday after church), he wakes up when we take him out.  On Mother's Day, he stayed asleep, so I got to snuggle this sweet boy while Matt fixed his bottle.  It only lasted about 10 minutes, but I soaked it up!  How presh is this??

I haven't held this baby while he was sleeping in about 6 months.  Melt my heart.

It really was a wonderful Mother's Day and I felt so special and loved by my family!  I hate that we didn't manage to get a pic of me and Matt at all, though!  The realities of a crazy life with two, right??


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