Monday, June 10, 2013

LL's Last Day of Preschool

It seriously feels like I was *just* writing a post about LL's first week of preschool.  Now, I'm here to say that she's done with her first year!

LL had a FANTASTIC year at school, and I could not be happier with her learning and experience.  She had two amazing teachers (Miss Heather and Miss Kerry), and she just fell in love with her classmates.  She grew so much this year in her independence, her friendships, and her knowledge.  I LOVED hearing every day what she learned about, who she talked to, what she did, etc.  She seriously loved going to school EVERY DAY and never once complained about going.  I'm so sad that her first year is over.  :(  Seriously, I would totally put her with the same teachers and classmates next year if I could.  

I'll be doing a post soon of all of the work that she's done that I'm soooooo behind on posting, but here's a look back of my sweet girl on her first day of school and how grown up she looks on her last day of school

I am just absolutely floored at how much she has grown this school year.  She just isn't a baby anymore!  


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