Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cooper's 9th Month

Cooper was eight months old (in his 9th month) from February 25 - March 24.  Here's what my big boy was up to:


Weight: 20 ish lbs
Diaper: Size 3
Clothes: Mostly 9 months with a few 6-9 still in there.


Cooper is still on his 4 hour schedule - 
7am - up for the day! (6oz bottle)
8:00ish - breakfast (fruit)
8:45 - 9:00 - down for nap
11:00 - up and eat (6 oz)
12:00ish - lunch (vegetable)
12:45-1:00 - down for nap
3:00 - up and eat (6 oz)
5:45ish - dinner (fruit, vegetable, and table food)
6:30 - bath
6:45 - bottle (6oz) and bed

Eating:  Well, it's safe to say that this boy is an EATER.  He has a love affair with food.  He is still eating baby food 3 times a day and, other than not loving asparagus and watermelon, I haven't really found anything that he doesn't like.  I've been mixing up his baby food combinations a lot (ex: blueberry, apple, banana), and he's also started eating a TON of regular food.  Some of his favorites from this month are spaghetti, meatloaf (boy will HURT YOU to get some meatloaf), and mashed potatoes.  Dinner is his biggest meal, and I think it's his way of tanking up before bed time.  Seriously, I fix him a plate bigger than LL's and he typically gets *most* of it in his mouth.  I'm going to continue to make baby food for him like regular this month, but then we'll start phasing it out and transitioning to mostly just real food.

Is there something on my face?

First dinner at Masatos!

Sleeping:  His naps have still been pretty sketchy this month.  Some days he'll nap great - some days he'll nap terribly.  And there's really no way to tell before hand how the day will be.  Nighttime has still been WONDERFUL.  He slept through the night all month and never varied from it - even when he was sick. It is SUCH a blessing and I'm so happy that he's finally to this point!

Sleeping just like his Mommy - on his belly with his hands under his tummy.

Vocalizations:  While he still isn't doing any repetitive noises (bababa, mamama, dadada), he is starting to make a TON of new sounds.  Really though, with me and Matt and LL around, it's hard to get a word in edgewise.  He comprehends a LOT, so I feel like he'll start making those sounds soon.  

Sickness:  I mean, I feel like this is for sure an area that we have been hit hard in this winter.  This month was filled with bronchitis (I thought it was croup again!  Thank God it wasn't!) and pinkeye.  ???  I have NO CLUE where he got pinkeye from.  And that junk is NOT fun.  Hopefully now that spring is here, we will stay WELL!

Crawling:  Cooper decided to kick off March with a bang!  He started crawling on March 1!  He crawled a little bit for Daddy (yes - I missed it.) and he hasn't stopped since!  He is GONE, and I can tell that he LOVES being mobile!

Pulling Up:  Of course, not long after crawling starts, pulling up follows.  For about a week, he would pull up in his crib, but he could only make it to his knees.  Then, he finally got brave enough to pull up to his feet.  Now, he's a pro at it!  Most of the time, he pulls up now and only holds on with one hand.  He's not really "cruising" yet, but I'm sure it's coming soon!

Pointing:  Cooper has learned how to "point" at things.  He doesn't really do this to point AT something (ie: to show us), but he'll hold out one finger and use it to touch things.  It's ADORABLE and I really love it.  :)

"Smile":  For about two weeks, Coop started a new "smile".  It kind of reminded me of LL's popeye smile that she did for a looooong time.  For Coop, it was this face that legit looked like he was crying.  Totally no joke - he was happy as a clam.  I tried to get several pictures of it just because I didn't know how long it would last.  It's a good thing that I did because he has already stopped doing it!

Strong Man:  Coop does this really funny thing when he's excited.  It's like he arches his back, pulls his arms together, and does this really long grunt (like he's picking something heavy up).  It is the most hilarious thing ever, and I've started calling it his "strong man".  He only does it when he's really happy/excited, so I have no idea what he thinks he's doing.  But it gives us a good laugh!

Swinging:  Since the weather has FINALLY started warming up some, we've been able to take the kids outside after dinner.  My sister sent down an old swing that was Ben's, so we put it up on the playground.  Saying that Cooper loves it is an understatement.  He will legit stay in that thing for 30 minutes.  He LOVES to be outside and will just swing his little heart out.  His love for swinging has for sure replaced his love of his jumper.  

Blurry - but I LOVE this smile!

Table:  We kept most of LL's toys from when she was a baby and stored them in the attic.  One night Matt went up and got down LL's old play table.  It took a few tries for Cooper to really get the hang of it, but now he loves it just as much as she used to!!  

Big Boy Bath:  Well, we finally decided that it was time to give up Cooper's baby bath.  Gigi comes on Wednesday nights to put Cooper to bed for us while we go to LifeGroup.  One Wednesday, she couldn't find his baby bath, so she just stuck him in the big bath and we haven't looked back!  He has done GREAT with it and I really think that he enjoys all of the room.

First bath together.  :)


He LOVES listening to Daddy play guitar!

Big boy pajamas!

He LOVED playing in LL's tunnel for the first time!

It has been a GREAT month and I can't see what this next one has in store for us!


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