Monday, April 8, 2013

Jumping Girl

We got LL a trampoline for Christmas in 2011 and it has been a HIT.  She LOVES it, and I love that we have it for her to get energy out on.  Matt and I actually have enjoyed it a lot, too.  And I know that Cooper will love it when he gets big enough to share!  

We've been trying to go outside in the evenings after dinner to play and swing some before bed, and LL will usually jump for a little while.  I loved these pics because you can really see how much she loves it!

I caught these two right as she was landing on a few jumps.  

I love the joy on her face here!

Looking for Lola - haha.

She could jump much better without those heavy boots on!

Perfect.  :)

I have a feeling that we will be outside a ton as the weather gets warmer and that we will be on this a lot in the summer!  She loves it when we turn the sprinklers in the backyard on and they spray through the trampoline.


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