Thursday, April 4, 2013


The weather is FINALLY starting to warm up some.  One evening, we dug out Ben's old swing that my sis sent down a few months ago and hooked that bad boy up on our playground.  Being born in the heat of summer, Cooper did NOT go outside as a newborn.  Crazy south Georgia heat + little (who are we kidding - Cooper was never little) young baby = no way.  Then, by the time he started getting fun (ha), it was too cold to really play outside.  So we are FINALLY able to introduce him to all that is the outdoors.  LL is TOTALLY an outdoor kid and would never come inside if we didn't make her.  Me, not so much.  But Daddy is also an outdoor person, so it all works out well.  

We set up the swing and let Coop-Coop have a go!  Yes - at 8 months, Cooper got to swing for the first time!  And let me tell you - he hasn't looked back since!  He LOVES it and will swing for 30+ minutes!  I think he is going to be an outdoor lover like everyone else in our family (except me) - ha.

Not so sure at first...

His new "smile" even though it sure doesn't look like it!

LL has ALWAYS been a fan of swinging!

There's that "smile" again.  


We've been trying to go outside for a little while after dinner every night, and it usually is able to happen.  I'm sure Cooper will be spending more and more time outside now that the weather is so much nicer!


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Emily said...

haha we may have some differences but me and you are very alike in our non-loving outdoors ways hahaha give me some AC!