Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just Like Daddy

When LL was born, I thought that she looked JUST like Matt.  As she's gotten older, we litterally hear (every. single. time. that we're out in public) that she looks exactly like me.  Which I don't hate.  :)

When Cooper was born, I thought that he and LL looked sooooo much alike as tiny babies.  Seriously, there were times that I would look at him and if I didn't pay attention to the boy clothes that he was wearing, I could almost convince myself that it was 4 years ago and that I was holding LL.  Now that he's nearing a year, he's really starting to look like "him".  And I know that he still has a LOT of changing to do, but he looks SO MUCH like his Daddy.  

I had Grammy pull out some pictures of Matt at 8 months and it is CRAZY how much alike they look at this age.  There's enough of me thrown in there to make it where they don't look exactly alike - but it's close!

Check out my handsome hubby as a baby:

Don't get me wrong - I don't think they look like twins or anything.  But I for sure think that they look a TON alike!

What do you think?


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