Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cooper's 9 Month Well-Baby Check-Up

We took Cooper for his 9 month check-up on March 8 when he was about 9.5 months old.  Just like his 6 month check-up, we're a little off on our dates.  

Here are his stats from this visit:
Weight: 21 lbs 14 oz (67%)  + 1 lb 14 oz from 6 months (78%)
Height: 29 1/4 inches (76%)  + 3/4 inch from 6 months (92%)
Head Circumference: 18 1/2 inches (88%)  + 3/4 inch from 6 months (75%)

Here's how he compares with LL's stats at 9 months:
LL was 18 lbs 9 oz - so he's 3 lbs 5 oz heavier.
LL was 29 inches long - so he's 1/4 inch longer.
LL's head circumference was 17 1/4 inches - so his head is 1 1/4 inches bigger.

Here's what we talked about at his appointment:

-She asked about his solid food.  I told her that he was almost completely off of baby food and almost on 100% "real" food because that's what he likes best.  She said that that was completely fine, just to make sure that he's still getting lots of fruits and vegetables.  She also made sure to tell us not to give him crazy foods like nuts or popcorn since he doesn't have teeth.  Ummm - who would give that to a 9 month old?!

-I asked her if his slowing down in weight gain was okay.  We did not see Dr. Blache, so I told her that Dr. Blache told us to cut his formula down to 24 oz a day at the last visit and that we had done that.  She said this is weight gain was still spot on his growth curve, and that it slowing down was nothing to worry about at all.\

-I asked her about eggs.  I couldn't remember when we gave them to LL, and when I googled it, I got mixed answers.  Some places said it was fine, some said only the yolks, and some said none at all until a year.  She said it was completely fine to go ahead and give them to him.  We have, and he did completely fine with it.

-She talked to us about whole milk for Cooper.  With LL, we had a different pediatrician and she told us to 100% wait to give LL milk until she was a year.  At Cooper's appointment, she told us that after he turned 11 months, whenever we ran out of formula, to just not worry about getting more and to go ahead and let him have milk.  I am TOTALLY happy with that answer!  Less than 6 more weeks of formula!  Woohoo!

-She talked to us about getting him off of the bottle and using a sippy by a year.  We did that with LL, too, so I'm not one of those Moms that is okay with a kid having a bottle after a year.  No judgment on those who do - it's just not for me.  We also didn't let LL have a paci after 2 years old.  I'm just one who likes to phase those things out ASAP!

-I also asked her to look at see if she thought he was a little bit tongue tied.  She looked and said that it did look a little "tight" in there.  She asked us if we ever saw him stick his tongue out, and we told her no.  She said that she didn't think it was a big deal and that it "stretches out" for a lot of kids as they grow.  For now, we'll just monitor it and hope that it stretches as he grows.  If it seems to be something that is effecting his speech later, we'll get it taken care of.

All in all, it was a great visit!  She kept commenting on how happy he was (he never once fussed during the visit - even when she was trying to see his tongue).  He didn't get any shots at this visit, either, so it was really simple!  I can't believe that the next time we go back he will be a year!  


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