Friday, April 19, 2013

LL's School Easter Party

The Thursday before Easter, LL's class had their Easter party at the house of one of her classmates.  I REALLY wanted to go, but since I used all of my days for my maternity leave, it just wasn't possible.  Thankfully, awesome Daddy came to the rescue and went with her.  Not only did he go, he also took pictures for me!

They did a cute Easter craft where they made a bunny bucket to hunt eggs with.

LL's finished bucket.

LL and Ashlyn

They even had an Easter piñata!  

LL's class

Then they did an Easter egg hunt.  I thought how they set it up was awesome - they gave each kid a sticker (LL had a purple heart), and their mission was to only find/put in their basket eggs that had the same sticker!  

Matt said she had a really good time!  I'm so happy he was able to go, but even more happy that I'll have days next year so that I can go to her stuff, too.  :)


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Emily said...

jealous! kye's party was literally just some eggs scattered on the grass. it was over in 5 min haha!