Monday, April 22, 2013

Crosspointe Easter Festival

We've been going to our church, Crosspointe Church, for about 2.5 years now.  One of the things that we really look forward to is the yearly Easter festival they hold at a local park.  This was our third year going and it didn't disappoint!

Cooper wasn't able to go since the festival was from 9-11 (exactly his nap time!), so he took a nap at Grammy's while we took LL.

This was the best out of several attempts - haha.

She and Coley are complete BFF's and I really love it.  Coley is an amazing little girl and we love her family!  I love the friendship that these two have!  You can see in LL's smile how much she loves her friend!

The Hempe's were there, too, and Luke did a great job at his age group hunt!

LL and Coley waited patiently for the 4 year olds to take a turn.

She was actually SUPER smart in her hunting strategy.  She went the opposite way of most of the kids, so she ended up in a section full of eggs all on her own.

But then she wanted to know where everyone was - haha.

I wish Cooper could have been in our picture!

It's so funny because she does this EXACT same thing every year when I ask her to show me her eggs.  She REFUSES to smile.  It's hilarious.

See?  :)

The Hempe's.

What's a festival without a little cornhole before you go??

We had a great time and I'm looking forward to next year when Cooper will be there with us!  You can look back at our past Easter festivals:


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