Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Daddy/Daughter Date Night

We were at Chik-Fil-A a few weeks ago and got handed a card about a Daddy/Daughter Date Night the Saturday night before Father's Day.  Basically, what they did was section off a portion of Chik-Fil-A, took reservations (legit - you really did have to sign up for a slot!), and served you at the table instead of making you order at the counter.  It wasn't anything crazy fancy or too different from going to Chik-Fil-A normally, it just added a fun little twist on things.  Since the date (June 16) was so close to my due date, we knew that there was a chance that we would be in the hospital on that day.  Matt and I talked about it, and he still wanted to go ahead and make reservations just in case and try and take LL anyway.

I really thought that it was so cute that he was so excited to go on a date with her.  This was their first official get-dressed-up, go-out-to-eat, date together.  Sure, he's spent days on end with her before (remember I was gone to California for over a week!), and he's taken her out to eat by himself before, but they've never actually prepared to "go on a date" and done it.  

Here they are at home before leaving.  LL had just gotten a boo-boo right before it was time to go, so add that in with her love/hate relationship with the camera, and this is what you get.  :)  I'd also like to point out that LL made ALL of the decisions as to how she looked for her date (isn't that so cute?!).  She picked out her own dress (I gave her 3 to choose from), she decided that she wanted her hair up and in two braids.  Then, once we knew what she was wearing, Matt picked out a coordinating shirt (her dress has pink flowers at the bottom of it).  Emily - be proud.  :)

Once they got there he said she was in a great mood and ready to go.  They had pink table cloths set out, the cow was dressed as a chef (or as LL called him - a cooker cow!), and they had little goodie bags for all of the couples (it had free dessert, coupons for chik-fil-a, and coupons for a couple of other places in town, and a stuffed cow for the kids).  They also had a "photographer" walking around taking pictures of all of the couples.  

While they were gone, Matt texted me these two pictures: one of the two of them at their table (don't they both look SO HAPPY?!) and one of her playing.  

Later, I got these two pictures from the photographer on Facebook that she took of them while they were there.

Overall, they were only gone for about an hour and a half.  I really think that it was so special of them to get this time, though - especially so close to Baby C coming.  I know that I say this ALL the time - but LL and I are both so blessed to have Matt in our lives.  He continues to amaze me with the depth of love that he has for our little girl.  He is truly head over heals in love with her.  I think that it's so great that he wants to spend his Saturday evening (before Father's Day) celebrating with who makes him a father - his baby girl.  I also think that it is so so so important for dads to be an active part of their daughter's lives.  They teach them SO much just by being involved and loving - from self esteem issues to how they should expect a man to treat them one day.  His role is an invaluable part of her life.  I'm so glad that they both had such a great time together and I love that we have these pictures to remember it by!


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