Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hospital Pictures

My last couple of posts have just been tons and tons of talking with little pictures.  For a change, this post is going to be mostly pictures with very little talking about them.  I did not take tons and tons of pictures in the hospital, but here are the ones that we did take.  Here are all of the pictures of our stay before taking Cooper home!

I was SO HAPPY to have this little boy in my arms!

When LL was born, Matt and I got NO pictures of the three of us in the hospital.  We made sure that didn't happen this time.  :)

Gigi and Poppy

Oma and Opa


First diaper change - handled by Daddy, of course!

This is what he did the entire hospital stay - snoozed away.  :)

LL was SO HAPPY to meet her baby brother and did SO GREAT with him!  :)


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Joeylee said...

aww that last picture is so sweet. he is adorable.