Friday, July 20, 2012

Name Guess Winners!

Back in May, I put some name hints up on the blog for those of you who were interested in trying to guess Cooper's (Baby C's) name.  Now - just to clarify - I told you guys then that there was no actual "prize".  Just the glory of knowing that you were the one who guessed correctly.  :)  

Okay - so for his first name -  there was only ONE person who guessed correctly!  That was: Danielle T!  So, awesome, girl.  You're the only one who officially guessed it!  :)

Again, for his middle name, there was only ONE person who guessed correctly: Ashley T!  I had SO MANY people to tell me that they thought it was Bryan, but Ashley was the only one to actually put it down in the voting box.

So, congrats girls!  You get to be mini-celebs for the day.  :)


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