Saturday, July 7, 2012


When we were getting ready for swimming lessons one morning, LL wanted to "put on her makeup".

{Let me go ahead and clarify something here before we go on - by "putting on makeup", I mean a little bit of light pink eyeshadow.  That's it.}

She's been increasingly interested in make-up lately (because she's usually in our room when I'm getting ready and sees me doing it).  I'm really torn on this issue - one part of me thinks that I am totally one of those mom's who does NOT love seeing little little girls in make-up.  The other part of me thinks that it's just another way that she wants to imitate me and "be like mommy".  Without really making a full blown decision about it, this is what I've decided I feel about it: I'm for sure not going to let her "put on makeup" when we go out to places (REALLY go out - swim doesn't count), but if she wants to play a little while we're at home or just going to family's house - that's fine with me.  I am NEVER going to prompt her to do it, but I completely understand her curiosity.  And the more that I DON'T let her do it, the bigger deal it is going to be.  I've first hand seen that if I just let her play a little and don't fuss about it, her interest usually turns to something else quickly.  I really just feel it's a natural part of what she would be curious about at this age and nothing more.  I want to reiterate something - I would not EVER let her for real wear make-up and wear it in public.  I do agree that she is WAY too young for that.  I'm thinking of this as more of a "play pretend" kind of thing and I feel like it's very natural to want to "be like mommy" at this age.

Anyway, back to my story, she wanted to put on her make-up one morning before swim, and she actually let me snap a few pictures of the two of us - me looking like a bum and her putting on make-up - haha.

I love my sweet girl!

How do you other mom's of girls feel?  How do you handle this?

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Recording Megow Adventures said...

my girls have never really been that into it, I hardly ever wear it either so it made sense. However, for Stevie's dance recital she was to wear some and they kinda suggested you "cake" it on b/c it will look better on stage,,,I had such a hard time "caking" it on,,I actually had to get another mom to do it hahaha, I just feel she is so beautiful that I don't like covering HER up, ya know