Friday, July 6, 2012

Bringing Cooper Home

Cooper and I both got discharged on Wednesday, June 27 around lunch time.  We ended up staying in the hospital until after lunch because we needed to eat and I wanted Cooper to nurse before we left.  We ended up getting home around 2:00, and Grammy brought LL home after nap time (around 4:00).  We had a MUCH better experience bringing Cooper home than we did with LL (with her - our car broke down on the way home!).  Here are the pics that we took of Cooper's homecoming.  :)

Getting changed into his first "real" outfit!

Ready to go home!

So far, he's been an EXCELLENT car rider.  Here's crossing our fingers that he stays that way!

Daddy was in charge of getting us home safely - and not letting the car breakdown - haha.

We're here!!

First diaper change at home in his room!

Things felt so much better when LL came home after nap!  Our family was complete!  She went to Wild Adventures that morning and picked out a stuffed animal for Cooper.  She was showing him her animal she got for herself.  :)

So happy to have both of my babies!!



Emily said...

LOVE that last pic!!! Where are his little shoes?????

Robyn said...

He screamed, so I didn't fight that battle. :)

Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

So cute!!! I'm glad your car didn't break down on the way home!!