Monday, July 9, 2012

Last Date Night

On the weekend of June 22-24, my dad asked if they could keep LL over night.  They went on a month long trip to New York over May, and hadn't watched her at all since they had been back.  I had kind of been pushing them off because I was trying to soak in as much time with LL as possible.  When we didn't have Cooper the week that we thought we were going to, I decided to just let them keep her for one night.  Matt and I also decided that this would be a great opportunity for us to have a "last" date night before Cooper came because we KNEW he would be here the next week (and I ended up going into labor on Sunday night!).  Here's how we spent our date night (the pic quality isn't too great because I was just using my phone the whole time):

All dressed up and ready to go!

We went to Masato for dinner.  It's a local restaurant that serves Japanese food - but quickly and without all of the fire/showy part.  We absolutely LOVE it and the food is mega cheap - so a win/win.  I've been craving it a lot during my pregnancy, so it was the perfect dinner.

Matt doesn't hate it, either.  :)

After dinner we decided to hit up The Mix.  We had a coupon and had never been there before, so it was the perfect time to go!

Gah - it was crazy good and just looking at this picture makes me want to go back right now.  :)

We for sure didn't have a super fancy date or anything, but for a 38 week pregnant girl, it was absolutely perfect.  In fact, we were back home (and I was in my pajamas) by 6:45 - haha.  Looking back, I'm so happy that we got to spend just a little time to ourselves before the craziness of having another baby happened.  Who knows when our next date night will be here!


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Emily said...

What?!? You had never been to the mix?!? we must go again soon!!!!