Thursday, July 26, 2012

Who Needs Toys?

When you have an empty cardboard box filled with peanuts!!  Isn't this *such* a typical kid thing to do?  To love a cardboard box?  Matt got something in the mail that contained a bazillion peanuts and a pretty large box.  LL got pretty interested in it one night and we both thought - what the heck?  Let's just let her go for it!  Seriously, it ended up entertaining her for over an HOUR (really rare for her!) and she would have kept playing if we hadn't made her get out so that she could take a bath.  

I couldn't stand it - after about 15 minutes I decided to join in the fun, too.  :)

Then, of course, Daddy wanted a turn!

Here's what Cooper did while we enjoyed all of the craziness.  The joys of a baby.  :)


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Emily said...

Looks like fun!!!