Monday, July 16, 2012

LL Cute Things - June

LL and I were driving to swim one morning and she called out while looking out of the window, "Bye Lola and Bono!  See you later!  I hope you see a big cucumber!"

When you ask her to spell anything, she says "It's spelled N-O-R-E-A".  I have no clue where she got that from but that is how she spells EVERYTHING.

She was talking to Grammy one day and said, "I'm gonna grow up. You have to let me."  :)

One night we went for a walk around the yard (to try and get the ball rolling on me dilating, starting labor, etc.).  After we had walked for about 20 minutes she said, "Is Baby C coming out yet?"  When I said no, she said, "Then let's keep walking!" - haha.  I totally laughed out loud.

She is in the phase of adding "ers" to the end of almost every word.  For example - Amen - Amemers, Mommy - Mommyers, Yes - Yesers

She was playing with some kitchen tongs, but she called them "squeezers".  

When she says refrigerator, she pronounces it "Fidge-a-rator"

Instead of saying, "I missed you", she says, "I misted you."  I LOVE it.

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